Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Post, to Bring in December! :)

Hello my dear friends,
I am aware I've been gone from my blog for quite sometime. Because of school I've fallen down on the job. But I would like to introduce to you some holiday items, that you may and or may not have been aware of.

1. Music-The John Tesh radio show, available wherever Kiss Lite Rock is broad casted. He is my favorite he plays Christmas music and gives amazing tidbits called Intelligence for Your Life, it's really fun.

2. Books-The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, an excellent one for the avid reader, or if you're not an avid reader How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss, nothing to strenuous. :)

3. Fashion- Hair, curly and soft volume for long, and for short spiky pixie hair. Clothes sparkles, sequins, etc. Elle magazine suggests some items the link is at the bottom, but for cheaper just as cute items for girls go to Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or Romy each producing similar products. (If none of the stores are available for you shoot me an e-mail and I'll find other options! :)

4.Movies, Miracle on 34th St., White Christmas, or the ever loved Christmas Story. For your sappy date with your significant other I would suggest It's a Wonderful Life. :)

And that's all for today. I didn't include politics, internet, or History simply because those don't have exciting Christmas connotations. We will continue our pursuit of Holiday-ness as the month continues. And on December 28th I promise to produce a NEW YEARS post. Have fun with these, and I LOVE hearing about Christmas traditions so comment please or e-mail me as always!

With Holiday Cheer,
*Liberty Generation*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Books> The Hunger Games

Hi, everyone! I just started this new-ish series called The Hunger Games. It's pretty good. I read the whole thing and I really liked it. But sometimes you don't want to read it because you're afraid who's gonna' die next. Besides, it's totally unpredictable. Not to mention you freak out when something bad happens. Its ten times worse when you're like me. When I read a book I'm not just reading it, I'm in it. So when something like that happens it freaky! Anyway, its only a trilogy and they are already out. I got a great deal on the box-set on Walmart's website. Yes, they are hard back. It's pretty good but no hints you can look it up to decide what you would want. Here are the three books: #1 The Hunger Games, #2 Catching Fire, #3 Mockingjay. I happen to like them a lot. They are pretty clean. BUT! Its super gory! SUPER GORY! IMAGINATION PEOPLE, BBBBEEEEWWWAAARRREEE!!! But it can still be SUPER exciting. I highly recommend it to people with a need for action/excitement in there lives. This will take care of any craving for something other than your boring life you will ever have.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday- Pandora

So lately I've been using the wonderful thing that is Pandora. This wonderful online radio makes me one of the happiest people alive! I love the fact that you can add the music you like and they just play songs like it. I even enjoy their commercials, they play them not too often, at just the right amount. Because sometimes I just need a break from music for their 2 minute commercials. I have four stations right now, One Republic, David Crowder Band, Relient K, and Hawk Nelson. I listen more oft than not to One Republic. I encourage you to get a Pandora account and come hang out with me. You'll love it from your first visit, I promise. :D Get an account, and you won't regret it. I hope to see you all there! :)
P.S. I forgot to tell you, I am under orangekeck@gmail, not Just telling ya!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday- TV Shows: The Mentalist

Okay, this is a pretty new thing to me but I totally love it! It's called the Mentalist its super funny! You guys all know that my favorite TV show is Psych. Well, this is pretty close to Psych.(Note: on the first episode of the 4th season Shawn mentions what he does is like the Mentalist) The only difference is age and maturity level, and those only go up a little bit. The main character, Patrick Jane, is actually super funny except more sarcastic but still funny. Not to mention I love how he dresses. I know weird! Anyway, it's really good just one problem. VERY GRAPHIC! The murder scenes look super real! I usually just glance away just for the heck of it. I don't want to remember most of the junk. Just to let you know I've only seen some of the newest season so (unlike Psych) I'm not an expert. But still so much fun!
WARNING: I watch this with my parents so if there is a "questionable part" they can skip it.

~Alyssa G.- L!bby G.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Movie Night

So today instead of a post about movies I would like to put out a challenge. Try to watch one movie with a friend or family member, at least once a week. It may seem like a silly way to have quality time, but it actually is great. I have complied a list of my top ten favorite family movies. Here they are

  1. Madagascar, the first one. I love this movie it's great for little kids and hilarious for adults.
  2. Shrek 1 or 2, I am not particularly fond of 3 or 4, but 1 and 2 are amazing!
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, one of the greatest movies ever! It's very funny and very cute! And completely wholesome.
  4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original one. My Dad's all time favorite, and one of mine too.
  5. Meet the Robinsons, I love this movie, it's cute and very sweet. It gets a little dark at one part, but the first time I watched it was with my (At the time) three year old niece. I think it's probably my 3rd favorite kid movie.
  6. National Treasure 1 or 2, for viewing with older kids or your best friends. My best friends and I love this movie, we quote it perpetually.
  7. Home Alone 1,2, or 3, I am not a huge fan of 4 but it's not bad. These are great to watch when sick around the holidays!
  8. Cars, I know it's kind of a silly favorite, but man oh man do I like it. It's great!
  9. Robots! This one's kind of old, but it still cracks me up. My dad likes the part where they're in the evil ladies lair.
  10. And Last but not least Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, for the musical lovers this is the best! Only good for older audiences to kids its sooooo boring. But relax and watch as the handsome brothers dance for the beautiful brides, its funny and totally musical.
And that's it, leave me feedback about your favorite and maybe it will become a post!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday- Fall Fashions

Okay, So we're officially into fall. I would like to introduce you to three good fall trends, and three fall 'don't even think about it' trends.

So well start with the good,

1. Chunky curls for hair, yes ladies skip the straightener, go straight to the curler. Big huge ringlets are back in season. They're beautiful and fun, easily done for the on the go person, to the fashionista.

2. Pearls, tall boots, and plaid. These three fashions will get you into the frenzy of fall like that! I adore pearls, big ones, small ones, white ones, gray ones, any type of pearl is currently being accepted. Tall boots, heeled ones preferably, this chic looks dresses up any outfit, but worn right can make it look smooth and relaxed too. Plaid, so the best way to feel the breeze and chill of fall is to put on a button up plaid shirt, adorable! This lumberjack trend is back and I LOVE it!

3. Scarves! These beautiful add-ons have been a go for a while, but they've really hit home lately coming into these cooler months. Shy away from springy/summery colors, go for deep reds, purples, neutrals, and warmer plaids. Buy the right one and you're on your way to being beautiful!

Okay now on to the 3 'Don't try this at home !' looks.

1. This beautiful woman was made un-beautiful in the effort to make her look like a vampire. I am not saying the whole vampire effect can't be beautiful on some(bright red lipstick, deep smoky eyes, and pale skin), but for most of us regular girls this look makes us look like we've just come from a deep sleep, or gotten a black eye.
2. The whole Ombre hair thing. It just makes you look like you couldn't care less about your roots or that you hated the hair color your poor stylist gave you. I say stay FAR away from Ms. Drew Barrymore's style until her hair returns to a more natural look.
3. And finally our big ugly winner! The whole camel color thing! It's HIDEOUS!!!! I don't know how to get that across to the big designers, but camel is an ugly neutral, do brown, black, white, and my favorite gray. Those are all beauitful choices, but camel. Seriously people! We don't even really like the middle east right now, so why are we mimicking their animal? Just sayin'
Anyway, that's all from me, hope to see you all back next week now that we are getting back into the swing of things.
By the by, please vote on my poll on the side of my blog. Thanks!
Lovely L!bby!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nancy Drew: Super Mystery's

Yes! Everyone I do know that Nancy Drew is mainly all I talk about, but besides the super mystery's I'm really not reading much else! It feels like people are trying to starve me from good books! And lately the library has been totally against me. For a while it was closed because their putting in like a Town Hall right next to it so you couldn't get to the library AT ALL. And that lasted about two weeks! I know AAAAHHHH! Then the last time we went the power was out (although I could have checked out some books, but I didn't have the strength to go any farther into that pitch black building). Okay! Back to books.

Just recently I just found a new books series much like the new books. In fact it's the same exact stuff as the new books just a little bit different cover. They're the Nancy Drew: Super Mystery's. The only problem is the first one. I didn't really like it because Nancy's 2 friends narrate for her. Evidently Bess, George, & Ned have to find her. Well, there is almost no plot! And every time they try to find her/Nancy it's a dead end. And when they do finally figure it out they're almost TOO LATE!!! I mean I figured it out at like the 5th chapter. I mean they were actin' like a bag of rocks!!! I know I might be overreacting but it really didn't satisfy my need to ND. The next one did! I really liked it, and I think it's funny because George gets her wisdom teeth out! He, he! Anyway, I really liked them. Although their are only three but I will still name them: 1. Where's Nancy? 2. Once Upon a Crime 3. Real Fake (isn't that a kinda' rhetorical name?) Anyway, I'm babbling and that means I need to stop.

ANNOUNCEMENT! All the Libby G. People! Time to get back on the Generation Train! It's school time now so summer vacation is (YES) OVER! So we'd better start and I'll try to fill in here and there but I now that our school has started I have a pretty busy schedule! But I'll still try!

Alyssa G.~L!bby G.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Politics- Mosque at Ground Zero

So since this will be my first official week back I would like to bring in a big controversy flying in our faces right now. Should the Obama Administration allow the Muslims to build a mosque at Ground Zero?

Most Americans say no, they feel it is insensitive to the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. But after being polled some of the families decided in the name of peace they didn't care. Well, I think they should care. I don't think any church or religion has the right to put a building so close to the site of thousands of deaths. It's just wrong, none have the right to turn a place of such mourning into a place of worship. I think some are taking it too far in saying that it's all the Muslims fault that it even happened. That's not true. The Muslim people were not the ones that rammed planes into our buildings, it was Al Queda. A Muslim extremist group, not the entire Muslim population.

I personally think they shouldn't allow the building to be put up, I believe that is a place of mourning and rememberance, not the right place to have a joyful worship service. I do think it was insensitive of the Muslims who choose to put there Mosque up there. Can they not find another building spot? The families deserve a place to go and remember the ones they loved at that sight. They shouldn't have to go through the pain of seeing the place of worship of the religion from which the group that commited the crime derived itself from. If they so choose they shouldn't have to deal with any religious group of people. They were the ones who lost loved ones, not those going to be worshipping at the Mosque. I'm pretty sure that there were people of many different backgrounds who died in those towers, so why do the Muslims get the oppertunity to build their worship building on the site? I mean how up in arms would we be if a Southern Baptist church choose to build a building there? People would throw a fit! But in the name of perserving our diversity and being peaceful with the nations of the Middle East we sit back and allow this to happen. Um, well, a few alarms go off in my head about the wrongness of this. I personally say that it is unfair to the people who died and their families and friends to build a place of worship so close to this place of mourning. I say no! What do you say? Let me know either on the poll or leave a comment. Or if you'd like to keep your oppinion private shoot me an e-mail at We would love to hear from you.
Liberty G.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Books- Alex Rider #2

Yup, I'm writing about Alex Rider...again. Well, I decided to write about it again because I'm rereading them. I already read the whole series but I decided to write again. Anyway, at this moment I'm reading Snakehead. It's really exciting and is amazingly written. I love they way it's written! But Snakehead is a really good book. I'm on chapter 10 (my book marks there). Chapter 9 is so freaky, evidently he's trying escape from _________ (to find out what it is you have to read it) and he had to go under a lakeside building. He ends up being surrounded but of all creature...RATS!!! I forget what exact kind of rats but that's gross! It makes me cringe every time I think about it. Some stuff is really exciting, and some stuff makes me want to gag. It's just an amazing!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movies- Letters to Juliet

Okay, I know, I know, this has been out of theaters for a little while. But I haven't had time to blog on it, and I really wanted to. This movie recieves 4 1/2 stars, it was excellent. The only thing that I did not like was that I wanted more about the letter writing process and it didn't give it to me. But it was otherwise a fabulous movie, just terrific. The plot was excellent, the actors were good, and best of all the music was pretty darn amazing. Being a huge Taylor Swift fan myself, it made the movie all the better. There were some parts that kind of dragged, but otherwise. I was very pleased with this movie. I was in love with the characters and the history in the movie. It was amazing to me to get to see the beauty displayed in the movie. It made me want to go to Italy! (Well, I sorta already wanted to go there. ;) I enjoyed everything about the movie, it was a sweet, romantic, definte chick flick, it was funny, but not to the point of being dumb slap stick humor. (No one getting walloped with a hammer, not a person being slapped with a 2 by 4 and there wasn't anyone who fell down a hole or got thrown into a swimming pool! :) So I advise for you to rent this from Redbox, order it from Netflix, or get it from your local movie store. It was one of the best movies I think I've seen in a long time! I very much enjoyed it!

*Libby G.*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TV Shows- A-Team

Remember, this is the old TV show not the new movie. I heard that the movie was horrible! One of the actors that was in the old TV show said they ruined it.
I love the old TV Show. I'm watching it right now and I'm giggling like crazy. Well, it's super old so if your all about the technology stuff it's okay. We agreed that it's a mix of the old TV Show MacGyver and a new TV Show Leverage. It's funny! There are normally 5 characters:
  • John "Hannibal" Smith- now he is the main guy. He is the head of it all. He is the main person who brings them all together. His favorite saying "I love it when a plan comes together." And he usually says it when they finish something and it isn't perfect. He's the colonel.
  • H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock- one thing you need to know about Murdock is that he really is insane. Most of the time when they have a mission one of the other guys has to break him out of one of those hospitals and that is the most fun part about it. He's the captain.
  • Templeton "Face Man" Peck- He's one of my favorites. He's hilarious! Of course, he's one of those guys who flirts with every girl with blue eyes and legs. He usually does the cons and such during stuff. His favorite saying is "Not the face!" I still think that is funny. He is mainly their con-artist. He is a lieutenant.
  • B.A. Baracus- B.A. is the buff guy that does most of the bone breaking. He's really funny because he can't stand Murdock because he's insane and does dumb stuff. One time he (Murdock) found an alligator and goofed off with it, and one time he pretended that he was a movie director and he was filming their mission (no camera)
  • Sometimes they a girl who isn't supposed to have anything to do with them but they are switched around a lot and she usually doesn't show.

Well, that's a lot. Another thing you need to know about them is they are convicts. They are army or something and they got framed for robbing a bank, but they escaped from a big jail-ish thing. I'm not really sure about it. Anyway, that's mainly what I am doing right now. Now a lot of you must think I'm a nut but some stuff is really funny the only thing that bugs me is that nobody dies. Even guys who's car flips they show them getting out. I really like it and it's really close to Leverage because during their spare time they help people. Well, anyone who can find them.

~L!bby> Alyssa

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No-No number 7 : Jeggings

Hey so I (Caitlin) don't exactly know if we're back yet from our temporary break but I figured...Hey! I can get back on schedule since my summer has finally cooled down to the complete boredom stage. ^.- any ways here's Not-uh #7

No-No number 7 : Jeggings,

So Jeggings, their about as lame as you can get. If u want a pair of jeans dont be lazy and buy a pair of leggings with jean print on them... buy a freaken pair of jeans. Now if your doing this for comfort I can sort of understand :/ but if u have the money I know an amazing brand of jeans (only a hundred dollars >.<) that feel like your wearing a cloud around your booty! Let me just say I'm saving up money to buy a pair of the jeans that feel like sweats! Ahhh! Amazing! And yes, I've tried on a pair, let me just say their delicious! And the white stitching is sooo cute!!

Until later my loves <3

-L!bby (Caitylinn)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking a Break!

Hey Guys,
This week and next, lots of us here at I Am the Next Generation are going to be gone.
Personally I am going to be doing youth week and finishing up VBS, plus two weeks from now I will be at Centrifuge.
Caitlin will be at camp until a while from now.
Alyssa is going to be at a canal and others will be busy with regular summer activities.
So we'll be back soon see you then! :)
L!bby Generation!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

NEW! TV Shows> Favorites

Okay, today is instead of Music is TV Shows. I happen to watch a lot of TV Shows so I got nominated. I decided (a week before) that I should write about shows I think are good. So then I just decided to blog about my favorites. Okay I will do these in order:
  1. Psych- This is my absolute favorite show. It's about a guy who pretends to be a psychic. Everyone knows he's faking it because he just hyper-observant. He also has a friend who is the only other person who knows, because he happens to help out the local police force with some of there problems.
  2. Leverage- Is a really funny show. I happen to love it. It's just that I've already watch season 1 & 2 so I need to wait for the next. It's about a guy who has a team of theives, and they go around helping people.
  3. Eureka- Now this isn't really for anyone super smart, because it's about a guy who ends up being the sheriff of a brainiac town. They say stuff that sounds smart but when you really think about it doesn't make sense. It's funny because everything is different in Eureka (the town).
  4. The Pretender- Now sometimes this show is really creepy. It's about a certain organization that takes kids and does tests on them. Well, it just so happens on of the kids (named Jarod) is really smart and escapes (at a much older age). He goes around and helps people, while on the run from the Centre (the "certain organization;" yes, I spelled it right).

Okay, now those are my favorites. Some of them have there share of "fast-forwarding" moments, and the funniest part is all of these shows I wasn't originally supposed to watch. My parents watched them, then once I got older they let me. Now there my favorites! I happen to like them all, some of them also have some of there creepy moments. I will name them:

Psych- On season 3 there is an episode that is very close to Friday the 13th. Creepy-ish the first time, but after a while not so much.

Leverage- It's just mainly suspense and stuff. There might be some creepy moments but it's been a while for me.

Eureka- There is one time where one of the characters gets kidnapped by a man mutating into a lizard. Really creepy! I couldn't sleep for days.

Pretender- The Centre has very scary things going on in there and a couple times freaky things happen!

Anyway, that pretty much wraps it up. I hope all of you guys check out my stuff. Thanks!

~Alyssa G.- Libby G.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie- Valentines Day

This was a really bad movie, I give it 1 star. It had a lot of really not nice parts, they also pumped up being gay which was a negative to me. But I did like that they had two of the teenage charecters decide not to do it before marriage. There was a nude part, that could have been left out. There was also a part where two people looked like they sort of might of gotten together, but then the boy in the couple was gay. I felt like that was unnessecary. Also there was a girl who's job was being an adult phone enertainer, that was super disgusting. I'm 13 years old, know a lot of stuff, but there were somethings that I don't think most adults needed to know. (Unless your married, then I guess it's fine :P)
But I need to go, but I wouldn't advise watching this movie for anyone. It was really bad. So there's your movie review, hope that you enjoyed it.
Libby G.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No-no number 6 - Blue eyeshadow

Ok, so i'm going to be quick since I have to get off my laptop now.

No No number 6:

So this is a big obvious one. Blue eyeshadow. Its cheap and just plain trashy looking. I cringe when I see somebody wearing it. Especialy when it's older women trying to look younger...Don't fight your age! it's inevitable! Embrace it! <3

(sorry it's so short. I still love y'all! <333)

-L!bby G.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Okay, if you are unaware of the history of this day, you should probably go back to oh, I don't know, kidergarten! In American History this is one of the most important days, it's our nations birthday! Doesn't everyone love a good birthday? Well, our country is turning 234 years old. On this day in 1776 (234 years ago) our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independce. Does anyone know who we were becoming independent from? Yes, short kid in the back, 'England', short kid is correct. England, we were working to seperate ourselves from England. We succeded in our pursuit and eventually absolved ourselves from England. But the document that was written to tell England was signed on this day in 1776. Other more important documents were written later, but this document written by Thomas Jefferson was the foundation for our freedom. Thomas Jefferson actually had some stuff in there that was taken out, such as when it says 'All men are created equal,' in an effort to be even more estranged from England he said 'All men and women are created equal,' I know shocking! He also had some other stuff in there that was removed by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin who were the other 2 men on the document committee.

But anyways, it's late, I need to go to bed, so there you go! Your information on the fourth of July. Thanks for reading,

Libby, in place of Freedom who is in Ukraine! (Sooo, jealous! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Politics- Supreme Court

Class in session! Today, we will be studying the Supreme Court and it's job in America. It's pretty important to the running of our country. In fact, it's super important, the Supreme Court makes all the big decisions in court cases. (Well, duh!) But anyway, right now, we have 2 women on our current supreme court justice list, plus, 7 other men. But that's about to change. President Obama would like to bring in Elena Kagan in to replace John Paul Stevens, who was resigned. (Although, it's supposed to be a life term.) Elena Kagan is very left wing, she supports lots of left wing things. For example, she supports gay marriage, abortion, and etc. But that's not what worries me so much as that Ms. Kagan has no prior experience with being a judge. She has an excellent education, having attended Princeton, Harvard, and Worcester college. She also has experience in law obviously, seeing as she was the Dean at Harvard, and she has experience with the Supreme Court since she is currently solicitor general. (Expl. she decides what legal position the court will take in legal proceeding's, represents the US government, and acts as the lawyer for the US government.)
Ms. Kagan's first case, if she is chosen, could potentially be the Arizona vs. Obama case. (If you aren't familiar with that case, you need to A. wake up, and B. read the week before lasts post!) I'm slightly worried that Ms. Kagan in an effort to show Obama she is capable of the job he set before her, would not look closely enough at the case and simply rule that Obama is right on the pretense of the fact that Obama is her employer. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be neutral, Ms. Kagan hasn't proven that fact as of yet. I feel that it would be a slight to our country to choose someone who has worked before under two different democrat presidents (Ms. Kagan worked under Clinton.) And also, a woman we have no idea how she would react to a difficult case seeing as she has never been a judge before. Does this sound very critical? Becuase I'm trying hard not to be. I just feel that our country deserves someone who we can do a background check on, see how they ruled in cases before, with Ms. Kagan that is virtually impossible, since she's never been a judge before.

I would appreciate deeply if you who read this would take a second to vote on the poll on the side of this post! Thanks,
Liberty Generation

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Books> Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys


As you all know I'm really into Nancy Drew. Well, not to long ago I started looking for new ND's and just recently I found a new one, Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys (Super Mystery). Sadly there is only three out so far. What it is about is Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys keep on meeting up. And every chapter they switch to a new first-person. One chapter it will be Joe, one Frank, & then Nancy (not in that order). The first one is so funny. First I will talk about the different characters:

  • Nancy Drew- She really isn't that different, pretty much normal.

  • Frank Hardy- Is the older one of the brothers. He is the most down-to-earth out of both of them. The funniest part about him is that he starts to like Nancy but he knows she has a boy-friend.

  • Joe Hardy- Is the girl crazy younger brother. He is always acting before thinking, and most of the time is getting everyone into trouble. But when the pressure comes Joe knows how to be prepared.

Okay, the three books are 1. Terror on Tour 2. Danger Overseas 3. Club Dread.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No-No #5 - No shirts

Okay, I'm gonna jump straight to the subject instead of rambling like I usually do :)

No-No #5

Ok, if you ask me this is just kinda gross. Fat boys not wearing shirts...eww. It's ok if your ripped, physically fit, etc. Duh, but other wise no. If your a guy and you literally have to wear an over the shoulder boulder holder as my friend would put it, (bra) then don't do it. Also if it's the freaken middle of winter. Really?? It's 30 degrees outside and my neighbor mows his lawn with no shirt on. How is he not turning blue? I just wanna scream put on a shirt before you poke someones eyes out! (if you don't get that it's cuz he's a bit nippy...>.>)

P.S. This was prechecked, I would like to say if you feel like there is something inappropriate shoot me an e-mail, do NOT leave a comment, we like to keep that sort of thing private. My e-mail is feel free to give an e-mail anytime. We do try and abide by the 1st amendment freedom of speech! :) But we also want to make sure our readers are happy, so if you don't like it let us know! Thanks, Blog admins.

-L!bby G.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No-No #4 PJ'S In Public

Okay, so I would like to harp about this fashion colossal blunder, breach in fashion ettiqute, I could go on!
Pajama's in public should be against the law!! Whether they are sweats or cartoon covered flannels, they are horrendous! It is unexceptable to expose all of us to this indiscretion of fashion. No one wants to see what you go to bed in I promise. There are somethings that you just don't let people know about, such as what you do on the toliet, what you do in bed, and what you wear to bed!! No stranger wants to know those things, it's creepy! I would like to give you 5 GOOD reasons why this is unacceptable, here we go.
  1. You look like a slub glub, it's almost like wearing clothes that are to large for you, it's un-flattering.
  2. It's kind of creepy, (okay a lot creepy!) You look like you rolled out of bed and came to Target to do your grocery shopping. No one wants to know that!
  3. It's shoty workmanship, I mean how much time does it take to throw on some jeans and a T-shirt, it's pretty darn easy if I do say so myself.
  4. More often than not your PJ's are not in the greatest condition, and that's okay when you're at home in your bed, but no one wants to see that at the store, but thanks! :D
  5. And last, but not certainly not least, I would like to point out the fact that they are not cute, at all. I don't care if they have Tweety Bird, or Betty Boop, they aren't cute. I would much prefer to see you in a pair of jeans or shorts, not your flannels! :) Thanks pal!

Anyway, I'll stop harping and let you go. Thanks for reading, I hope and pray you take my advice. Thanks for not wearing pajama's to those who don't:) we really appreciate it.

L!bby G.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Politics- AZ or Obamanites?

Okay, I have forgotten to blog for a few weeks, there was of course important things happening in politics, but we don't have time to go over them all. I am going to pick two from today.

1. "Murderabilia" Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the world is "murderabilia"? Let me explain this horrendous thing to you. It is where people extract things that are associated with murder victims and murderers, and they sell them. They sell off all sorts of things. Autographed photos of murderers, dirt from a victims grave, artwork done by murderers, and many other personal items, plus much more. These horrendous items are hawked every day on the black market. Now you are in good company if you had no idea this was going on; neither did I! But so far there is no laws against this. I think that's positively outrageous! These victims and their families are being exploited to gain a few bucks, I feel like that is quite terrible.
But thankfully we have two politicians who are willing to put a stop to this. (Which if you think that's a bad idea, I am liable to think you are selling some of these things!) It's true Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) are writing up a bill to put a stop to this uncannily repulsive market. I think many people will be grateful after this law is put into practice.

2. Obama administration is filing a law suit against Arizona for it's immigration law. (Some one please tell me I am dreaming!!) Yes, you heard correctly a law suit against them, because they don't want illegals in their state. I personally cheer on Arizona, go them, why should someone who broke the law to get here receive good treatment? Someone please explain quick! (Wait, there is no explanation! so never mind) I think it's silly and I hope that Arizona fights back, if they don't want illegals in their state that's their prerogative not the Obama administration's. Maybe Arizona should just ship their illegals to Cali, they seem to enjoy them. (They do tons for their economy, no?)
Anyway, someone should tell Obama to stick to other problems like, oh I know, the oils thats all over Lousiana? That might be a good start.

I hope I have enlightened you today on the important things in life. Thanks for reading I appreciate it!
Liberty Generation, or Kelly R. (Whatever!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

This was an excellent movie. I really enjoyed it. Although it was rated PG13, it was not bad. It did have some swearing, and some not so good parts, but otherwise it was good. There was the one part that was portrayed in the commercials that was not so good, but that was pretty much it. There was violence, but nothing too horrible. All the perceived black magic, was nothing bad. I would totally advise this movie. It was totally worth the 1 dollar to see from Redbox. It's not something I would advise for 13 and under because there are some scary parts. I must admit, I was super tired and so therefore fell asleep during one very long boring part. But it is a vital part to the movie.
All-in-all I would watch it another time.
Libby G.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Not really sure what to blog about tonight. There's not much we haven't covered.
OHH! I got it!!! E-mail sites, and there pro's and con's.

Gmail- What I use!! I love Gmail, best e-mail site ever!! I would strongly encourage!
Pro's- Super duper spam blocker, fun backgrounds, and great chat.
Con's- No fun stationary for your letters and no fun fonts.

Yahoo- My sister uses this, she likes it I guess
Pro's- Fun stationary and fun fonts
Con's- wretched spam blocker

Comcast- Umm, nothing good to say about this so I'll skip it.

Hotmail- This one is your basic e-mail, good spam blocker but not the best and no fun backgrounds, but they do have fun fonts.

Well, that's pretty much it. Nothing much else to say, thanks for reading!
L!bby Gener!
P.S. I did blog this yesterday, but on my other blog! (Cursed stupid computer! Can't figure out how to make angry emotiocon!)

Fashion - Nope #3

Hey people,

It's time for no-no number3!

Nope #3:

Ok, so some people think this is still "In" because there's still a buttload of comercials with drop-dead gorgeous models advertising it. Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon. They all advertise it, but its really not attractive. Ok, here's what it is...Bright red lipstick... I just read an article on this a few days ago, and up until then I loved my red lipstick, but now ?.? :/ Anyways here's the reason you shouldn't wear it. Main BIG one is it makes your teeth look yellow... Thats why in all those adverts they ONLY have models wearing it, and that's because those models have had their teeth professionally whitened. So unless you have the money to get your teeth professionally whitened every time you wanted to wear bright red lipstick go ahead! But if your a normal girl like me, that only gets a little allowance once a week, then your most likely screwed :D

L!bby G. (Caitlin <3)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pedro Movies: What About Bob?

Sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks. It's been really busy around here lately. The other night I watched a really funny flick with Bill Murray called What About Bob. In It Bill Murray plays a very persistent mental patient and Richard Dreyfuss plays his psychologist. The biggest thing that I can say about this movie is that it made me laugh. A lot. It wasn't a filmmaking masterpiece by any stretch but it was really funny and when it comes down to it, that's what a comedy needs to accomplish to be successful. All in all, really liked What About Bob and hope that you will too.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Hey everybody! It's number two no-no week! Woo! So I touched briefly on this last week, baggy clothes. This is sorta a short topic. But DEFINITLY one that needs to be talked about! So here goes.

Not-uh #2: so as I was saying, baggy clothes. One of the biggest no-no's around! It' just common sense to stay away frum that. If your curvy baggy clothes make you seem fat! Why on earth would you want to hide your curves when you could instead show them off with a slightly more slimming shirt. No one wants to look bigger than they are...and for those super skinny people baggy clothes make u look sick... Either that or you look like you wearing a tent. So, when everything comes to an end, just avoid the plus size shirts if they don't fit you.

Ttyl, my friends.
- L!bby (Caitlin) :)"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost Time!

Hi it's Kelly, Libby's blog admin in chief. I do basically everything with this blog, and my wonderful sidekick Alyssa. I was gone over the weekend, Memorial day weekend camping. I therefore left said trusty sidekick in charge. Well, we're obviously going to have to go back into training. I apologize for the funky font of Jurrasic Park, I fixed it as soon as I saw it. I then realized, everyone had fallen down on their agreements to blog. I am so sorry. I also realized I was spending more time playing on Libby's facebook page, than fixing up her blog. I would like to reconcile that. I am also asking bloggers to read the soon to be in their inbox, contract. It will be basically a quicker picker upper for the mess that has been this blog as of late. I do so hope you haven't lost faith yet. I will remedy this horribleness as soon as possible. Also I would like to encourage readers with Facebook to become Libby's friend. (Liberty Gener, they wouldn't accept her last name (Generation) as a true last name!)
But anyway, I would like to ask you to hold out for a few more weeks in our continual pursuit to be the best that we possibly can! Thank you all so much for your support of Libby and her pursuit!
Kelly Admin in Chief

Friday, May 28, 2010

Movies/Jurassic Park 1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be chased by a T-Rex, or be hunted by Raptors? Jurassic Park gives you the perfect idea what it would be like! This movie provides incredible special effects, especially for back in 1993! I was truly amazed at how everything looked so real. This movie has just enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat! All the actors were cast perfectly, and I particularly liked Sam Neill (plays Dr. Alan Grant). This film kept my full attention the whole time I was watching. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

Sorry this was so late, but I completely forgot!

Sydlet P.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books- Wingin' It ;)

Hi! Now that the cat's out of the bag I don't need to keep as much of my opinions to myself. I actually have almost zero ideas stored in my brain. That's why the title of the book post is called "Wingin' It". So at least I don't have to worry about my idea's being opinionated.

Anyway, I think I have some sort of idea of what I'm gonna' write about. The books I read! I have to write all about what L!bby (love the ! Caitlin) reads well I'm gonna' write about what I read. :)
Nancy Drew- I think I've covered most of the stuff like that. So I'll sorta' skip over it. :)
Alex Rider- I talked 2 much about that too.
School Stuff- Now this I just hate to talk about but I must. My mom decided that for next year she is gonna' try new curriculum for homeschooling. So, she said that for History she is gonna' pick out a book 4 me 2 read. Then I'm gonna' have 2 write a report on it. Fine, except I'm reading a book (4 History) called *drum roll (please)* "Strawberry Girl". My mom said I would like it. I don't like the book I just like the time it takes out of my regular school.
Anything on ma' bookshelf- Now that's a subject to talk about. I get bored so when I am I look for something "on ma' bookshelf". I have read a "Winnie the Pooh" books (I still want 2 be a child again). They are the old fairy tales. I have re-read Caddie Woodlawn, highly recommended! It's old fashioned fun.
Left Behind (Adult Series)- I think they are okay-ish. Kind of boring. I have them all except 4 a couple so I'm well versed. They just seem boring 2 me. So I think I'm gonna' try the teen ones.

Well, I think that about sums it up. Let's hope! I just am glad I had the time.

L!bby G.- Alyssa G.

P.s. My blog is on "My Blog List" and it's "Life of an Almost Average Teen". Sank You (That's supposed to be "thank you" in an accent)! *Bow*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion - I forgot the DONT'S!

I realized the other day I had only been telling you what was cool to wear...and it never even occured to me that I never told you what WASN'T in style. Seriously, there are more people in this world that don't know how to dress than there are people who do. It's a sad, sad disease. I'm just kidding! but seriously I never even touched on this subject! Anyways this is going to be a ten part thing. I call it my "10 week no-no rant" I'll cover the top ten 'do not's' of fashion. So since it's the first week I shuld probably get started!

NO-NO #1: Anywhoo there's one GIGANTIC don't in fashion, girls wearing guy clothes. You and your girlfriends may think it looks adorable, (i'm guilty of that!) but...boy's don't. Sorry. They don't want girls to look like guys, because lets face it if they wanted to think guys were hot...that'd be really, really awkward. Not only that but it makes a girl look sloppy. Most guys wear baggy clothes. Which means that you end up wearing baggy clothes, and that is just NOT attractive. So here's no-no number one. Learn it!

-L!bby G. (Caitlin ^.-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spoken From the Heart

Hi! I am going to post a little differently today, because I couldn't really find any interesting history things. I am sure there are some out there, but I didn't want to take the energy to search for hours and hours. If you have someone you really want me to post about then just put it in a comment and I will see what I can do.

So, I am going to tell you about a book I am reading. (sorry, don't want to steal book day's thunder.) It is called, Spoken From the Heart, by former first lady, Laura Bush. I have always admired first ladies and Laura Bush in particular. I have thought that she is classy, intelligent, poised, and elegant. None of the kind thoughts I have had about her before reading her book have been diminished in any way by reading it. I am about 3/4 of the way through the over 400 page book and am loving it. I was only 6 when George W. Bush was elected president, but I vaguely remember that day. I have had a wonderful and sometimes sad time going through the part of the book where she talks about the presidency. I remember 9/11 which she vividly and terrifyingly describes. I remember the Anthrax scare, and Mrs. Bush relates how none of the mail sent to the White House was allowed to be open, so it stayed in storage for about three years. I remember President Bush going to the troops overseas and having Thanksgiving with them. I thought that that was just one of the nicest things to do for our brave men and women serving as soldiers.

Mrs. Bush starts the book at the beginning of her life and some of my favorite parts of the book have been her just telling you about the normal things she did. I think that is why I like this book so much, because Mrs. Bush is so normal! She didn't have an extravagant or horrible childhood, she tells you about the good (having a tender heart for the women in Afghanistan) and the bad. (she drank shot glasses of beer occasionally until she was seven when she signed a temperance card at her church. She said that the temperance thing didn't last all the way into college and such.) I love her openness about all parts of her life. Mrs. Bush talks about high school dances and football games, but she also tells you about all the diplomats that visited during President Bush's presidency and how they took some of them to their Crawford, Texas ranch to visit.

All through the book Mrs. Bush talks about her love for education particularly reading. She was a school teacher in inner city schools after finishing college and she has a passion for children's literacy. She has co-authored a children's book with her daughter Jenna. She started the first Texas Book Festival as the first lady of Texas when her husband was governor and she started the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. I love this part of her because I also love reading.

I would recommend this book to people who are interested in history, first ladies, Texas (which she was born and raised in and loves very much.) or Mrs. Bush. The book is maybe a little long for some middle schoolers and maybe some parts would be a little hard for them to grasp. I have cried during some parts, but they are mostly patriotic tears for our troops and such. I borrowed my copy from the library, because I wanted to see if I liked it. But if you are interested in any of the above topics I would recommend that you buy it. (I would!) The book is inspiring and historical and you might learn a few new words!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Different Friday Than Politics

Okay! DON'T MISS THIS BLOG! This blog is about to transform your thinking about Liberty Generation and her family. Now some of the things I say may get confusing, but you'll catch on!
A. There's not a real person named Liberty Generation
B. Libby is blogged by 8 different girls spread throughout the USA.
C. Here is the 8 different Girls
Monday-Internet- McKenzie W. Colorado
Tuesday-Fashion- Caitlin R. Washington
Wednesday-Movies- Sydney and Tiger P. Washington
Thursday-Books- Alyssa G. Washington
Friday-Politics- Kelly R. Washington
Saturday-Music- Angelina Z. Washington
Sunday-History-Lisa Dawn R. Washington

Alright now you are caught up. Well almost. You may be asking yourself but wait who are Victory, Pedro, and Liberty? Well, here's your answer, Victory is my (Kelly R.)'s older sister 18 year old Katy. (Not Tuesday's Caitlin!) Freedom is also my sister not Libby's, Lisa Dawn who is 15.
And Pedro is Tiger P. brother of Sydney.
I Kelly R. am the blog admin, I thought up Liberty Generation and her family. My friends all agreed to help me pull it off. Don't be worried we will continue to blog par usual. We all enjoy this blog. Tell your friends, and if you'd like more info about I am The Next Generation let us know by e-mailing Libby G. at We'll be more than happy to inform you and let you know how to get involved! (Older Riddle girls, please!! take note of this!) Also if a blog is from all of us like this we may continue to sign Libby G. But just to get you into the habit of not seeing it, I'm signing my beautiful name!
Thanks for reading!
Kelly R.
P.S. for those of you who are already writers you can if you want to, sign your own name or continue to sign Libby.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pedro Movie Review: Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

I decided to review this movie for three reasons.

  1. I just watched it last week.

  2. I've mostly reviewed action films up to this point.

  3. “Libby G” (the blogger in chief) loathes this movie and the leading actress with a passion and zeal rarely expressed by most mentally sound hominids.

So let's start with the story. This movie is a period piece set in 1930's Cincinnati during the great depression. It focusses on a little girl who wants to be a journalist as soon as she can get any editor to read what she has written. This film, in the opinion of this 16 year old heterosexual male, was extremely charming, well acted and generally well done. Especially for being a G rated flick with a target audience consisting of mainly nine-year-old girls and their mothers. Kit was really quite well played by Abigail Breslin once you get past the blond wig that always sticks out more than a bit. The news paper editor was perfectly played by Wallace Shawn. I even enjoyed Joan Cusack in this movie as the “mobile librarian” (don't ask) when I'm normally annoyed by her.

All in all I really think that this is probably one of the best kid centered, non PIXAR, G rated movies that I can think of.

This is Pedro,

Signing off

Fashion- College and Converse

Hello again divine readers!

I'm back, aren't you thrilled? Sadly my dears I'm in a terrible time bind this evening, but I couldn't resist a chance to briefly share with you my passion for the fashion gift of the gods that are Converse Chuck Taylor's. Most unfortunately because I am a penniless college student I have only three pairs of Converse. However, I feel I am still qualified to share with you five delightful and personal tips for enjoying your Converse.

  1. Buy low-tops. Low-tops are more practical. Also, you have to be really weird or really edgy to rock high-tops (or "shudder" those dreadful combat boot style monstrosities) and Vicky does not recommend being either.
  2. Get a sensible color for at least one of your pairs. I adore my cool slate blue pair, but I get far more use out of my brown pair.
  3. Try double tongued pairs for extra pizazz, and I've found my double tongues hold up better than my single tongued.
  4. Don't be a cheapskate and get an off brand or even the One Star brand of Chuck's sold at Target, at least not all the time. I bought a pair of One Star that I never wear because, they make me feel like a lame cheapskate(although I absolutely ADORE One Star clothes and I love saving money don't get me wrong). However, in the case of the One Stars the quality lost is not worth the 10 or 15 bucks saved.
  5. Finally, Vicky doesn't say this often, because she is nearly always right, but with Chuck's do your own thing if that means ignoring my tips and you'll look cooler.

Alright my pets Vicky has a social life to attend to so that's all for today.

-Vicky G.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

History-Clara Barton!

Today I am going to tell you about Clara Barton. You will notice that the important date is actually on May 21, which is Friday of this week. I just wanted to tell you that so you wouldn't get confused. :)

Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day 1821, in Oxford, Mass. She was the youngest of five children, and her first patient was her brother David, when he fell from the rafters in their unfinished barn. This happened when Clara was 11, and she cared for her brother David for 3 years, in this time she learned to administer all his medicine, including the"great, loathsome crawling leeches"! (Her words) Clara became a schoolteacher in Mass, at the age of 17. Six years later she founded her own school and four years after that she decided to pursue a different path. Her new path was going to the Liberal Institute in Clinton, New York to study writing and languages.

After college, Clara went on to open a free school in New Jersey. The school under her leadership grew to a attendance over 600, but annoyingly instead of hiring Barton to be the head of the school they hired a man. Frustrated, she moves to Washington D.C. and begins working with the U.S. Patent Office as a clerk. This was the first time a woman had a substantial clerkship in the U.S Government.

Then the Civil War broke out, and Clara started advertising for supplies, and distributing bandages, socks, and other goods to the help the soldiers. In 1862, Clara was authorized to start delivering supplies directly to the front, which she did without fail for the next two years. In 1864 she was appointed by Union General Benjamin Butler as the "lady in charge" of the Union hospitals at the front. In 1865, President Abraham Lincoln placed Clara in charge of searching for missing men from the Union Army. A young soldier named Dorence Atwater comes to her door and provides a copied list of the dead he had snuck from the Andersonville officials. He had taken it with him thought the lines when he was released from prison. His list of nearly 13,000 men proved invaluable and was published.

She by now (the end of the Civil War) had become widely recognized around the country for delivering lectures on her war experiences. She also became acquainted with Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony. By 1869 Clara had worked herself into a breakdown and her doctor said she should go to Europe. During this time Clara learned about the Red Cross.

This is what she is famous for! Her inauguration of the International Committee of the Red Cross by the United Stated Government. On MAY 21, 1881 in Dansville, N.Y. Clara became president of the American branch of the Red Cross! People thought that after the Civil War America wouldn't face something like that again, so there would be no need for the Red Cross. But, Clara succeeded in convincing the president that there was still a need. This became apparent in the Spanish-American War during which it aided refugees and prisoners of war. In 1896, responding to the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the Hamidian Massacres, Barton sailed to Istanbul and after long negotiations with Abdul Hamid II, opened the first American International Red Cross headquarters in the heart of Beijing,China. Clara's last humanitarian effort as the president of the Red Cross was to help the victims of the September 1900 Galveston hurricane. They established an orphanage for the children of the 6,000 dead, helped to acquire lumber for rebuilding houses, and teamed with the New York World newspaper to illicit aid. Clara resigned from being the president of the Red Cross in 1904, due to her age (83) and criticism of her management skills. On April 12, 1912 at the age of 90 she died in Glen Echo, Maryland with all her friends by her side.

The Red Cross continues to serve people today, you will see them helping in situations like Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake. Anywhere there is a natural disaster in the world the Red Cross will be there often especially the American Red Cross.

Wasn't that interesting? Not only did we learn about Clara Barton but we learned about her work in founding the American branch of the Red Cross, which is a very vital humanitarian organization. I hope you enjoyed this installment of History Sunday! Also, I forget to tell you that Libby finally told me I could tell you who I really am. I was blogging as Libby, because she said I knew more about history then her, so I volunteered to help her out. I love history so I was happy to. I am Freedom, Libby's 15 year old sister, and I am in 10th grade. I really like bringing you fascinating history facts each week. I hope you like me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Make-Up Books> Thursday

Hey, sorry I didn't write yesterday. I was temporarily grounded from the computer. But we will have our tid-bits of politics. So thanks for waiting for the books. You all are so patient. :-)

Alex Rider! That's what we are talking about. I didn't have time 2 write last week either so that's a tiny problem. I did tell U all a little bit about it. So here I go into detail. Here are the books in order:

  1. StormBreaker

  2. PointBlank

  3. Skeleton Key

  4. Eagle Strike

  5. Scorpia

  6. Ark Angel

  7. Snake Head

  8. Crocodile Tears

I only have the first and eighth. But still that's pretty good. Alex Rider is about a young boy who ran into bad luck. His parents die in a mysterious plane crash (More to it in #8) and his uncle dies (#1). He ends up finding out that his uncle worked for the alleged MI6. He ends up being drafted and works for them all 8 times. But most of the time he doesn't want two. They force him, blackmail him, & trick him into working for them. It's really exciting. Some adult content in it so be weary. But wonderfully written. It's so exciting. You find out tons more about his past. It's so fun I give it 4 1/2 stars. It would have gotten all five if it didn't have the adult content but still it's pretty good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Movies: Pedro's IRON MAN 2 Review

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved the first IRON MAN so I was obviously really looking forward to IRON MAN 2. I went to see it opening weekend and really enjoyed it. All of the great acting, well done action and witty dialog that I loved from the first movie were there this movie. My biggest gripe about IRON MAN 2 is that the story was cluttered and fractured. If they could have cleaned that up a bit it would have been even better. Also, the final action scene lacked the tension that it needed.

All around, I thought that IRON MAN 2 was a fitting sequel to the first one and that it was well worth seeing.

Affectionately yours,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello Darlings,

This is Vicky G, Libby's 18 year old sister. I'm assisting my hopelessly trend deficient sister with her quaint little blog. She begged me to write a post about the wonderful world of the Internet. I agreed after much begging and cajoling, because unlike Libby, I actually have a thriving social life. However, I carved a few minutes out of my day to enlighten Libby, and you the reader on the delightful trend of online radio.

So, on to the topic of online radio. I am sure that all of us like to indulge in our favorite music whilst on the computer to liven up other mundane tasks like school work, research, correspondence, or in my case writing a blog post for my little sister ( in jest I assure you). Listening to your own music on the computer utilizing programs like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player is great until you've listened to your pathetic Mp3 collection ad nauseum, at this point may I recommend the wonderful world of online radio.

In the realm of online radio there are a myriad of choices. I haven't the time to describe the online music player of every radio station from 90.1 All Polka, All the Time to 107.9 Great Granny Hits of the 20's, 30's and a 100 yrs ago, so I am going to focus in on two general interest online only radio players.

The first player is Pandora found at The second player is Slacker Radio found at Both stations have basic similarities. Both stations allow you to search for an artist, song, or album and create a station based on songs similar to what you have selected. Both players also have stations that are pre-built, that is you select a genre like, Music of Musicals or Hits for Toddlers (Libby's Favorite).

Here's the breakdown of the pros and cons of both players.


  1. The Music Genome Project, an interesting program that Pandora uses to figure out why you like the music that you do, and pick other similar music for based on things like, vocals and instruments.
  2. No audio ads only banner type ads, so non stop music
  3. Pandora seems to have a larger selection of artists, songs, and albums to choose from.


  1. I've found that on Pandora if you "dislike" a song Pandora will ignore you and play it again anyway.
  2. Pandora doesn't give you the option to dislike all songs by a certain artist, say Justin Bieber (sorry Biebettes).
  3. Pandora's pre-built stations are hard to adjust to music you like.


  1. Excellent pre-built stations
  2. Wonderful adjusting tools, like more or less hits or newer or older music.
  3. The option to dislike all music by a certain artist.


  1. Audio ads every few songs
  2. Fewer artists than Pandora
  3. Constant pestering to upgrade to Slacker's ad free subscription(monthly fee) radio.

There you go, that's my review of two excellent free online radio players. Happy listening darlings!

-Vicky G.

Fashion - Dresses.

I've been doing jewelry lately, so im switching back to clotheing again!...for a little while at least. Well I've talked about shirts, pants, jewelry, and makeup, but I totally left out dresses!! And that is just tragic...It may still be Spring, but Summer dresses are in. I guess they can be called Spring dresses too, but I prefer Summer. ^.^ Now in the dress department colors are in of course. I think I've rammed that into your head enough times, but flowers are also in. Flower prints, not cheesy ones, cute ones. The cinched waist is here! It gives your the 'curvacious' look LOL. Even if you don't have any! So, thats whats here this week, and many weeks to come!

Until next Tuesday my friends,

L!bby G.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summary of Missed Days

I'm so sorry, I was terribly busy last week. I only had time to post on Monday and Tuesday. (Thanks bro for doing Wednesday:) Anyway, I am going to recap things I missed.

Thursday~Books~ Alex Rider today, I just started the first one, Stormbreaker, it has been good so far. But I hope to get the others soon!
Friday~Politics~New Supreme Court Justice, has some up in arms, I think I'll do more research, before I delve into that one.
Saturday~Music~Miley Cyrus put out a new music video. And on a couple of music blogs I read, they are going on about Cd's you liked, but shouldn't. I am not really so sure about those yet? Maybe this week?

Alrighty then, thanks much!
P.S. I was writing this and forgot about Internet! Yikes! I will make sure and get that one out there asap!
L!bby G.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day History

Hi! Due to time constraints for my computer use, today I justed posted some links for you to explore. They are about the creators of Mother's Day, Julia Ward Howe (the same one who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic) and Anna Jarvis. I hope you made this day special for your mom and told her how much you love her! Here are the links:

P.S. I checked out most of the just regarding the specific ladies on the pages. Therefore, I am not sure of the content on the rest of the website. Please proceed with caution! : ) Also, I do not share all the liberal/feminist opinions of the women on these sites.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movies: Pedro's Raiders of the Lost Ark Review

Last week I watched the original Indiana Jones film for the first time in a while and unlike most movies that I have been watching since I was 8, this just gets better every time I see it. It's well scripted, well acted, well edited, well shot, extremely well directed, masterfully scored by John Williams and except for the corny sequence at the end, the effects hold up pretty well considering that it was made in 1981. This movie is one of those relativity early Spielberg classics that set the stereo types and impacted American culture forever.

If you happen to be one of the 27 people in this country who haven't seen this movie, I would highly recommend that you watch do that the clock strikes midnight tonight.

This is Pedro filling in for my sister, signing off.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion - Yes, I did bracelets. o_o

Ok, so I'm pretty much in love with bracelets, and yes, I did talk about jewelry last week. But going a little more in depth never hurt anybody...did it? So I'm talking about bracelets on this wonderfully new week. Anyways theres 5 big trends out there with bracelets.

Trend 1: The safari look is in this Spring/Summer. Like tribal jewelry with a lot of earthy colored beads made out of wood or coconut.

Trend 2: We can't avoid the fact that the recession is out there. Prices of gold are going throught the roof. But! there is hope! Brass and copper are still out there making your arms look fabulous! Who needs stinky gold? We still have our earthy colored metals. :)

Trend 3: Cuff bracelets are not exactly a new thing out there. Their old news, but their still totally in style. Wooden cuff bracelets with silver studs are totally IN. :D

Trend 4: Summer is about color! So bracelets made with elastic wire and big colorful glass beads of purple, pink, blue, and yellow are in. The more the merrier, by the way!

Trend 5: BANGLES! OH MY GOODNESS! Who does't love these?? Their adorable. Not to mention fun, colorful, and shiney!!! Originally from India...adopted in America. Yay!

So here's your wondertasticful new trend's. Live them, love them, and even laugh at them if you must.

Until next time my dears,

L!bby G.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nellie Bly

History Sunday again! I first remember hearing about Nellie Bly in a history class I took. I was interested in her story, but I didn't really look further into her. I should have! She had a fascinating life. This week we are going to do something a little different and do her life as a timeline. Tell me how you like it!

MAY 5 1864- Born as Elizabeth Jane Cochran in Cochran's Mills, Pennsylvania. She was nicknamed Pink for wearing that color a lot as a child.

1870- Her father, a wealthy former associate justice, dies.

1879- Pink Cochrane (notice the "e" added to her last name, she added this for sophistication.) enrolls at Indiana State Normal School, Indiana, Pennsylvania. This is a boarding school and she only stays there for one term do to lack of funds.

1880- Elizabeth and her family moved to Pittsburgh.

1885- Elizabeth writes a fiery rebuttal in response to a sexist column written in the Pittsburgh Dispatcher. She writes this to the editor under the name "Lonely Orphan Girl." The editor is so impressed with her spunk and earnestness he hired her. She starts a job at the Pittsburgh Dispatcher, her editor choose the pen name, Nellie Bly, adopted from the title character in the popular song, "Nelly Bly" by Stephen Foster.

1887- Bly moves to New York and after 4 months is penniless. She talks her way into the offices of Joseph Pulitzer's newspaper, New York World. She then takes an undercover assignment for which she agreed to pretend to be insane to investigate reports of abuse and neglect at the Woman's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island. She went home and practiced crazed expressions in the mirror, before checking herself into a working class boardinghouse. There she refused to go to bed, telling the boarders she is afraid of them and that they look crazy. Then the boarders decided that she was the crazy one, and they called the police. Taken to a courtroom, she pretends to have amnesia. The judge thought that she had been drugged. She was then examined by several doctors, who all declared her to be insane. "Positively demented," said one, "I consider it a hopeless case. She needs to be put where someone will take care of her." he head of the insane pavilion at Bellevue Hospital pronounced her "undoubtedly insane". The case of the "pretty crazy girl" attracted media attention: "Who Is This Insane Girl?" asked the New York Sun. The New York Times wrote of the "mysterious waif" with the "wild, hunted look in her eyes", and her desperate cry: "I can't remember I can't remember." Click her to read about her, "Ten Days in a Mad-House":

November 14, 1889 to January 25, 1890- Bly suggests to her editor that she try to make Jules Vernes, Around the World in Eighty Days, a reality. It will be a year before she boards a ship, to make the 24,899 mile journey. She makes it in seventy-two days, six hours, eleven minutes and fourteen seconds.

1894- Bly reports on the violent Pullman labor strike for New York World.

1895- Nellie marries millionaire manufacturer Robert Seamen, although he was 40 years her senior! She retires from journalism and becomes president of the Iron Clad Manufacturing Co.

1904- Her husband Robert Seamen died, and she invented and patented the steel barrel that was the model for the 55-gallon oil drum still in widespread use in United States.

1913- She goes back into reporting, and covers things such as the Women's Suffrage Convention of 1913.

1914- Nellie covers World War I from the trenches in the Eastern European front. She was America's first female war correspondent.

1919- She returns to the U.S. and becomes an advocate for poor children, adoptive parents and other various social causes.

January 27, 1922- Nellie Bly dies of bronchopneumonia at St. Mark's Hospital in New York City. She was 57. She is remembered for her "muckraking" skills and her sympathy for human suffering.

I really enjoyed researching Nellie. What a interesting woman! Thanks to Wikipedia and Nellie Bly Online for their great resources on this amazing lady.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nancy Drew

Okay, everyone knows Nancy Drew. Well, most of the people I know. Almost everyone knows about Nancy Drew. She is like a book legacy! She is the best female amateur detective known. I actually have not heard of any others but still. Nancy Drew actually lost her mother when she was between 3 & 7 years of age. I've actually heard both ages mentioned in the death of her mother. Her father, Carson Drew, is one of the best lawyers in River Heights, where she lives.

But someone likes to argue about that. If you read the more recent books there is a girl called Deirdre Shannon. In case you don't get the picture she is like a spoiled snob and her father also is a lawyer but , unlike Mr. Drew, will stoop to many petty things to win his case. Deirdre has caused many troubles for Nancy throughout her life in the newer books. She isn't exactly a good person to have around, not to mention her huge crush on Ned.

Ned Nickerson, is Nancy Drew's steady boy-friend. He has helped her out through numerous mysteries sometimes he catches on to some things too. He has always been there for Nancy throughout any of her mysteries. He always is there along with his friends Burt Eddelton & Dave Evans. Who actually go out with Nancy's two friends George Fayne & Bess Marvin.
They always talk about how different they (George and Bess) are, not to mention them being cousins. It just sounds strange having George (her real name is Georgia) be all tomboy-ish and loving techy stuff, and Bess (that is really her real name) is all prissy but has a secret love for cars, and is actually an amazing mechanic. She loves tinkering with cars in the newer books but in the older books her and George don't have those special interests. All in all, Nancy's life is pretty much like in a book even though when you read it you feel likes she's just looking over your shoulder.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ok, so today in the wonderfully fabulous gigantic world of fashion the buzz is about graphic tee's, jewelry, and boy shorts/short shorts (who like short shorts??). :D So, this fashion is a little weird to me, but I love trying new things, so whatever! Anyways what's hot lately are patchwork demin jeans (denim jean shorts made out of various colors of denim) with some funky colored tights or leggings underneath! (I'm guessing the leggings are to keep you warm considering we're still escaping winter) Don't forget your graphic tee's. who cares if their funny, or just plain cute! Their seriously in style lately, and finally time for accessories! What's cool here and...not such a new thing... are waist length necklaces, and a whole bunch of bracelets up and down your arms. Their kind of difficult and in the way sometimes (smacking against things) but if you learn to ignore them, their super cute! Anything for fashion right?...Right??

Anyways...until next time! <3
-L!bby G.


A couple of months ago I went to a movie about a trip to a moon far, far away called Pandora, the depletion of that planets natural resources and a race of elongated Smurfs called the Na’vi and their pantheistic relationship with their “mother goddess” Eywa. The story is basically just a piece of environmentalist, liberal, new-age propaganda disguised with beautiful visuals. But speaking of beautiful visuals, AVATar provided the best movie viewing experience. Seeing it in IMAX 3D was just like taking a trip to Pandora. It is absolutely the next step in visual effects just like Star Wars and Jurassic Park.
Overall I say that AVATar even with all of it’s shortcomings was definitely worth the $13 to see it in IMAX if not for anything other than the 3D theme park ride aspect of it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What is Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter? Do these sites protect my privacy? Why are some people so against them? Perfectly logical questions and here are the straight forward answers: Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter certainly aren't the only social sites on the web, but they are some of the most popular. Facebook even has over 400 million active users. Here is a quick rundown on their purposes: Social sites are used by people everywhere as a simple and effective way to keep in touch with family and friends. They are also used by many businesses as a source of advertisement.
Alright on to privacy. Yes most social sites do protect users pages if it is requested. When this is done only the users accepted friends can see their page. It has been said that people can hack into pages with web codes, however I tried a few on my own Facebook page to test this theory and found it to be ineffective.
Why are some people so against social sites. Well, one reason is that they can be very addictive (I know this first hand) they can even cause people to neglect work, the key: Set a time limit and don't go overboard!
That's all for now! Until later,

-Libby G.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

History- Sunday

Hi! This is a new segment, it's going to be all about ladies and girls who were a part of history. Hopefully I will be able to find one that corresponds with the current date. (Or one near it) Some of them you may know and some of them you may not. Some of them are older and some your age. They all had a cause or purpose and acted upon it. Hopefully they will inspire you. Here is the first.

Samantha Smith was only 5 years old when she wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth, but that wasn't what made her an important part of history, that happened five years later. In December 1982 at the age of 10 Samantha, who lived in Manchester, Maine, wrote a letter to Yuri Andropov. He was the leader of the Soviet Union. Samantha had been watching the news and reading the paper with her mom and was seeing all the coverage about the Soviet Union and its threat of declaring nuclear war on the U.S. She was concerned about why the relationship between the U.S and the Soviet Union. Here is her letter:

Dear Mr. Andropov,

My name is Samantha Smith. I am ten years old. Congratulations on your new job. I have been worrying about Russia and the United States getting into a nuclear war. Are you going to vote to have a war or not? If you aren't please tell me how you are going to help to not have a war. This question you do not have to answer, but I would like to know why you want to conquer the world or at least our country. God made the world for us to live together in peace and not to fight.
Samantha Smith

Her letter was published in the Soviet newspaper Pravda. Samantha was glad her letter had been published, but disappointed that she hadn't gotten a reply. She then sent a letter to the Soviet Union's ambassador to the United States asking why she hadn't gotten a reply. On APRIL 26th 1983 she got a response from Mr. Andropov. Click here to read it:'s_response.htm

Samantha ended up being invited to spend two weeks in the Soviet Union with her family. She goes to a summer camp Artek on the Crimean Peninsula. She made a good friend, Natasha Kashirina. Samantha's story goes on and is quite fascinating. She ended up being the first child goodwill ambassador to Russia or anywhere for that matter. Here story however ends tragically. Click here to read how:

I hope you liked this new segment!

Libby G.

P.S. Both of those website links contain other good info about Samantha and her life.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay you may notice that there isn't anything past politics. Because there is really nothing exciting to talk about.
There are a few freaky things.
  • There's a new side to Obama doing something with his empty senate seat.(Boring!)
  • The democrats are having some thing with Coffee to counter act our tea parties, (Who cares?)
  • And somebody somewhere did something that ticked dear Obama off. (Regular blah!)

So if any of those sound interesting to you, go to either or both of those will have the full story for you. I am very tired, and not having the best of days, so I wrote you this. Hopefully I helped someone somewhere know more about what is going on!

Libby G.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Books vs. TV! Which is better?

Okay, now this is a hot topic. No one really knows for sure what's better TV or books. I know TV isn't that good for you, and books is good for you (at times) but I never really know which is better. Some people like techno stuff some people like book stuff. But it's hard to tell which is better. Okay, since I almost forgot to blog today I'm going to do something a little bit different. Instead of telling you my opinion (I'll do that later actually) I'm going to ask yours. So I'm going to make a poll and you can vote on it! If you even want to voice your opinion even more you can comment!

Okay, I already told you that I like both. I like TV and Books. I like shows, movies, and such. Some are good some are bad. And it's exactly the same with books, some are good and some are bad. You can't really say much else that everyone can agree on. And I'm not saying it so everyone can agree on it, I just don't really know which to pick. So that's mine. Now what's yours?

The Libster

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Winner of the Best Animated feature film and best scoring, this has to be one of my favorite Pixar Movies! This is a fabulous story about a balloon salesman, Carl Fredrickson, who had always shared a dream with his wife of living in South America at Paradise Falls. Years later Ellie his wife dies, and Carl remembers his promise to taking her to Paradise Falls. At age 78, his adventure begins when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away! As you would imagine, Carl is very surprised when he hears a knock at the door hundreds of feet in the air. He finds an eight year old wilderness explorer named Russell and together, they land in South America and have an adventure that neither one could have ever dreamed of!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion- Eco Friendly Makeup!

I have read today that there are lots of eco friendly make ups. Although I don't wear a ton of makeup it is good to know. When I first read it I laughed a little inside and thought how funny it would be if they were only green and brown, eco colors. Although they are not, the containers and such are. It is an excellent way to do your part for the envoirment. :) So if you glop it on in the morning, this is a great idea for you! ;) Something ot think about. Hope to see some of you using the new products. Here is a list of good ones

See ya later! :0)

Libby G.! (I don't know how to make a liberty bell out of symbols! Somebody teach me!!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Note!

Hi everyone!
Just a quick note to readers. Last week my computer wouldn't let me post my Movie review, so I just reposted it. (Because silly me, I forgot!) So go ahead and scroll down there and read over it. A new one will be posted this week. Thanks everyone!
Libby G.

P.S. Wednesday is Movie day! L.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Sunday!

Hey, I know I don't normally post on Sunday, but I am bored out of my gourd. So I am going to explain somethings about me.
  • I am currently 13 1/2 years old. So older than 13, but not quite 14.
  • I am a book consumer. I will read almost anything, some things just aren't appealing though.
  • I love the Lord, he is my best friend. I know in times of heartache he is there.
  • I am a great admirer of Sarah Palin, I think she would do swell in Washington D.C.
  • I am homeschooled, and enjoy it, although maybe come highschool I won't be?
  • I like to spend lot's of time on the internet.

Now you know a little about me Liberty! Thank you for reading my blog.

Libby G.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Music-First Post!

I apologize profusly for not posting last week on Saturday or Monday! I feel terrible, but I just completly forgot, my life became very busy, so I feel very bad. But sometimes life gives you choices and I chose the other and not to blog, my apologies! But I will continue on with my music post.

So the biggest music highlights are pretty much this,
  1. Justin Beiber is new on the scene. With his top hit 'Baby' every girl under like 20 is oozing over him (except me!)
  2. Everyone is getting ready for the ACMA's! Tomorrow is one of the biggest music award cermonies, I can't wait!

Nothing much else really exciting going on in the music scene. Thanks for reading, can't wait until next week.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Politics- Or should I say Poli-Ticks?

So as I scrolled through the highlights of today's politics I realized many of them have to do with today's Tea Party's. A sort of play of the Boston Tea Party of the 1770's. In fact one of them was in Oregon, a state practically on top of my state, it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house to get to Portland, Oregon. Yesterday was as many of you know tax day here in our amazing country. Yesterday was the day you file your taxes, if you haven't already done so.
But anyway back to the subject, one man got a little out of control with his party hating. In fact he was a teacher, he was virtually selling his horrible propaganda through the use of the school's Internet and computer. He was placed on suspension. He had decided that he would crash the parties any way he knew how, he was even going to attempt to take the information of party goers through their social security number, address, date of birth, and so forth. Thankfully the school is checking into this horrendous show of disfavor.

Then our own dear President, was speaking about how he was going to take into consideration the opinion of the republicans, but whilst making that sentimental statement he happened to jab at our tea parties, some how that just rubs me the wrong way. Okay Mr. President, I am glad you are taking into consideration what I say, but how come if I want to attend a political tea party supporting my team you would dare to make fun of that? That bugs me, in more ways then just one!

Alright, here is my piece, this is something that is simply driving me crazy. My life is overly upended over this horrible, dreadful, I have many adjectives to describe this ruling by our supreme court justice from circuit 9. He has ruled that the National Day of Prayer is un-constitutional! Can you believe that???? I am shocked in utter and complete shock! He says that it violates the separation of church and state!!! Oh the angry and fury burning in me at this moment. I feel like my rights as a citizen have been violated. You have the audacity to tell me that praying is against the law? Somewhere in my bill of rights it says that I have religious freedom! Therefore making it totally okay for me to pray whenever wherever, and however I feel the need to. Thanks, but no thanks buddy! I refuse to be told how and when praying is okay!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Books, On Old & New

The reason that I decided to talk about old books and new books is because I think it is high time to talk about old books compared to new ones. Okay so here it goes:

New books. This blog is called "I Am The Next Generation" so if anyone read that they would think of new stuff. But I don't mind the new stuff it's really neat the new stuff. They have all the newest gadgets and stuff. Like you don't see lighsabers in Romeo & Juliet. But it's so much more exciting to actually understand most of the stuff you're talking about. You can relate to most of the stuff they talk about. Because if there talking about electronics you are going to understand about iPods, iPhones, & other neat electronics. But when they talk about writing stuff on their slates your first thought is "what in the world is a slate?!" It's a regular thing because most of the time they talk about stuff in the old books is hard to understand because (most of us) we weren't born then. So that's why the newer books have both pros and cons.

Old books. Old books bring back the stuff you remember when your little. It also brings back the history of the years long gone. If you want to do some homework for your history classes you could try looking on "the impossible Internet" or go to your local library and check out a book. It isn't even that hard. You can even order stuff of the library on the Internet. But the new stuff. If everyone talked about the future and stuff we wouldn't be able to understand anything because everyone would be planning ahead that no one would teach you. It is also even good for just plane old entertainment. If you like old there is plenty of books to read about that have excitement, romance, adventure, & etc. It is so much fun (sometimes) to learn about the past and learn about the old frontier, the Renaissance, & and all the wonderful times of the year. It is sometimes the only way to go. That is why older books also have pros and cons.

Whew! That took a little more time than I expected, but it's true almost everything has pros and cons. And they also have fun stuff about them and not-so-fun stuff about them. We just need to sort the not-so-fun stuff out because if we don't we'll just throw away everything, including the fun stuff. WOW!! I'm starting to sound like a fortune cookie, I better go before it gets really bad.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movies/Mr.Smith Goes to Washington

I recently watched the 1939 black and white movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, staring Jimmy Stewart, and I found it to be a captivating story! It's about an honest, ordinary man, named Jeff Smith, (Jimmy Stewart) who gets sucked into the scandalous twist of politics when he is appointed as a Stooge-State-Senator. It's so refreshing to see him stay true to his convictions, and fight for what's right to the very end! The only thing that I think that could make this movie any better, is to have it as a modern, true story! And, who knows? One day it might happen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion - Shoes! :D


So, I decided today was shoe day in the wide world of fashion! Everyone's still wearing tennis shoes ... Etnie's, DC'S, Airwalk's, so on and so forth, and don't get me wrong! Who doesn't love an adorable new pair of tennis shoes?? But, let's face it, right now nobody's really that willing to break away from those skin covering shoes just yet. Maybe because all of our feet are so pale...and maybe because we're in desperate need of a pedicure. Just saying! >.> But! It's finally time to break away from those stuffy tennies and get some cute sandals! Let your tootsies breath for the first time in 7 months! Find some open-toe high heels, flats, or colorful flip-flops, and paint your toe-nails. Then go have fun showing off your adorable new spring/summer look! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Politics-The Run Down

So, I am not exactly sure what to write about today. I am thinking I will do a couple hot items off the press today. Give you some info about them, and then begin to talk about them.

  1. Supreme Court Judge Jean Paul Stevens retiring!

  2. Obama and Palin on Nuclear Strategy

  3. Stupak Steps Dow n

4. Bachmann Tea Party!

5. Obama on calls out Virginia Governor on not mentioning Slavery

Okay so let's start with number 1. Judge Jean Paul Stevens, um, well not much to say. A 89 year old deciding it is time to take a break. Somehow I feel that is a good choice Mr. Stevens! There's also been some controversy over who will be the next Supreme Court Judge. Looks to me like it is in between the ladies. Who knows what President Obama will do?

Next on the docket Obama and Palin on Nuclear Strategy. So Obama called out Palin because she was saying that she believed what the country is currently doing is wrong. It was at a conference, is it all that bad? I mean you are there to share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Sarah Palin has as much right as anyone else in this country to use Amendment 1 as anyone else in America. I personally believe Sarah Palin has a better idea about it than anyone else. Obama is simply afraid to be thought of as a cowardous follower. (Although he is!) To let anyone know that he is only following what to people said. I would like to read him the Emperors new clothes.

Anyway, after that we have Democratic Rep. from Michigan stepping down. Personally I am totally okay with this! I am glad that he was pro-life and all, but who truly wanted Health care? No one, health care is a privilege not a right! I am very glad Mr. Stupak is leaving. He is a democrat, leaving that seat open for a republican to take it. And we all know we could use another republican in the house!

Moving on to the Bachmann tea party. Rep. Michele Bachmann had one of those now common place tea parties. She made a took the mic in normal fashion, but when beginning to speak people realized what a connection there is between her and Sarah Palin. She has apparently taken on many characteristics of the well liked Governor. I haven't heard much about her until now, when everyone is chattering about her and Sarah Palins similarities. I personally can't tell how she changed, but some people can.

And finally, Obama calling out the Virginia Governor Reb. Bob McDonnell. Governor McDonnell gave a speech about how April is Confederacy Month in Virginia. He failed to mention anything about slavery even though he was speaking about the Civil War. President Obama became very distraught seeing as Mrs. Obama is a descendant of a South Carolina slave. Governor McDonnell rectified the situation by giving another speech. Okay, so I have a few questions about this, why in the world did it matter? He was giving a speech about the Confederates not about slavery! Gov. McDonnell was in the right in this situation, and yet Pres. Obama felt the need to critizes. Does anybody believe it is maybe because he (Gov. McDonnell) is a rebulican? And doesn't Mr. President have better things to be doing than critizing someone? Just asking!

Alright, I am finished. You are offically updated in the ways of politics. Can't wait until next week.