Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion- Eco Friendly Makeup!

I have read today that there are lots of eco friendly make ups. Although I don't wear a ton of makeup it is good to know. When I first read it I laughed a little inside and thought how funny it would be if they were only green and brown, eco colors. Although they are not, the containers and such are. It is an excellent way to do your part for the envoirment. :) So if you glop it on in the morning, this is a great idea for you! ;) Something ot think about. Hope to see some of you using the new products. Here is a list of good ones http://www.dailymakeover.com/blogs/beauty-trends-and-news/product-reviews-natural-organic-beauty.html

See ya later! :0)

Libby G.! (I don't know how to make a liberty bell out of symbols! Somebody teach me!!)

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