Saturday, August 21, 2010

Politics- Mosque at Ground Zero

So since this will be my first official week back I would like to bring in a big controversy flying in our faces right now. Should the Obama Administration allow the Muslims to build a mosque at Ground Zero?

Most Americans say no, they feel it is insensitive to the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. But after being polled some of the families decided in the name of peace they didn't care. Well, I think they should care. I don't think any church or religion has the right to put a building so close to the site of thousands of deaths. It's just wrong, none have the right to turn a place of such mourning into a place of worship. I think some are taking it too far in saying that it's all the Muslims fault that it even happened. That's not true. The Muslim people were not the ones that rammed planes into our buildings, it was Al Queda. A Muslim extremist group, not the entire Muslim population.

I personally think they shouldn't allow the building to be put up, I believe that is a place of mourning and rememberance, not the right place to have a joyful worship service. I do think it was insensitive of the Muslims who choose to put there Mosque up there. Can they not find another building spot? The families deserve a place to go and remember the ones they loved at that sight. They shouldn't have to go through the pain of seeing the place of worship of the religion from which the group that commited the crime derived itself from. If they so choose they shouldn't have to deal with any religious group of people. They were the ones who lost loved ones, not those going to be worshipping at the Mosque. I'm pretty sure that there were people of many different backgrounds who died in those towers, so why do the Muslims get the oppertunity to build their worship building on the site? I mean how up in arms would we be if a Southern Baptist church choose to build a building there? People would throw a fit! But in the name of perserving our diversity and being peaceful with the nations of the Middle East we sit back and allow this to happen. Um, well, a few alarms go off in my head about the wrongness of this. I personally say that it is unfair to the people who died and their families and friends to build a place of worship so close to this place of mourning. I say no! What do you say? Let me know either on the poll or leave a comment. Or if you'd like to keep your oppinion private shoot me an e-mail at We would love to hear from you.
Liberty G.

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