Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No-No #4 PJ'S In Public

Okay, so I would like to harp about this fashion colossal blunder, breach in fashion ettiqute, I could go on!
Pajama's in public should be against the law!! Whether they are sweats or cartoon covered flannels, they are horrendous! It is unexceptable to expose all of us to this indiscretion of fashion. No one wants to see what you go to bed in I promise. There are somethings that you just don't let people know about, such as what you do on the toliet, what you do in bed, and what you wear to bed!! No stranger wants to know those things, it's creepy! I would like to give you 5 GOOD reasons why this is unacceptable, here we go.
  1. You look like a slub glub, it's almost like wearing clothes that are to large for you, it's un-flattering.
  2. It's kind of creepy, (okay a lot creepy!) You look like you rolled out of bed and came to Target to do your grocery shopping. No one wants to know that!
  3. It's shoty workmanship, I mean how much time does it take to throw on some jeans and a T-shirt, it's pretty darn easy if I do say so myself.
  4. More often than not your PJ's are not in the greatest condition, and that's okay when you're at home in your bed, but no one wants to see that at the store, but thanks! :D
  5. And last, but not certainly not least, I would like to point out the fact that they are not cute, at all. I don't care if they have Tweety Bird, or Betty Boop, they aren't cute. I would much prefer to see you in a pair of jeans or shorts, not your flannels! :) Thanks pal!

Anyway, I'll stop harping and let you go. Thanks for reading, I hope and pray you take my advice. Thanks for not wearing pajama's to those who don't:) we really appreciate it.

L!bby G.

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