Friday, April 9, 2010

Politics-The Run Down

So, I am not exactly sure what to write about today. I am thinking I will do a couple hot items off the press today. Give you some info about them, and then begin to talk about them.

  1. Supreme Court Judge Jean Paul Stevens retiring!

  2. Obama and Palin on Nuclear Strategy

  3. Stupak Steps Dow n

4. Bachmann Tea Party!

5. Obama on calls out Virginia Governor on not mentioning Slavery

Okay so let's start with number 1. Judge Jean Paul Stevens, um, well not much to say. A 89 year old deciding it is time to take a break. Somehow I feel that is a good choice Mr. Stevens! There's also been some controversy over who will be the next Supreme Court Judge. Looks to me like it is in between the ladies. Who knows what President Obama will do?

Next on the docket Obama and Palin on Nuclear Strategy. So Obama called out Palin because she was saying that she believed what the country is currently doing is wrong. It was at a conference, is it all that bad? I mean you are there to share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Sarah Palin has as much right as anyone else in this country to use Amendment 1 as anyone else in America. I personally believe Sarah Palin has a better idea about it than anyone else. Obama is simply afraid to be thought of as a cowardous follower. (Although he is!) To let anyone know that he is only following what to people said. I would like to read him the Emperors new clothes.

Anyway, after that we have Democratic Rep. from Michigan stepping down. Personally I am totally okay with this! I am glad that he was pro-life and all, but who truly wanted Health care? No one, health care is a privilege not a right! I am very glad Mr. Stupak is leaving. He is a democrat, leaving that seat open for a republican to take it. And we all know we could use another republican in the house!

Moving on to the Bachmann tea party. Rep. Michele Bachmann had one of those now common place tea parties. She made a took the mic in normal fashion, but when beginning to speak people realized what a connection there is between her and Sarah Palin. She has apparently taken on many characteristics of the well liked Governor. I haven't heard much about her until now, when everyone is chattering about her and Sarah Palins similarities. I personally can't tell how she changed, but some people can.

And finally, Obama calling out the Virginia Governor Reb. Bob McDonnell. Governor McDonnell gave a speech about how April is Confederacy Month in Virginia. He failed to mention anything about slavery even though he was speaking about the Civil War. President Obama became very distraught seeing as Mrs. Obama is a descendant of a South Carolina slave. Governor McDonnell rectified the situation by giving another speech. Okay, so I have a few questions about this, why in the world did it matter? He was giving a speech about the Confederates not about slavery! Gov. McDonnell was in the right in this situation, and yet Pres. Obama felt the need to critizes. Does anybody believe it is maybe because he (Gov. McDonnell) is a rebulican? And doesn't Mr. President have better things to be doing than critizing someone? Just asking!

Alright, I am finished. You are offically updated in the ways of politics. Can't wait until next week.


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