Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Hey everybody! It's number two no-no week! Woo! So I touched briefly on this last week, baggy clothes. This is sorta a short topic. But DEFINITLY one that needs to be talked about! So here goes.

Not-uh #2: so as I was saying, baggy clothes. One of the biggest no-no's around! It' just common sense to stay away frum that. If your curvy baggy clothes make you seem fat! Why on earth would you want to hide your curves when you could instead show them off with a slightly more slimming shirt. No one wants to look bigger than they are...and for those super skinny people baggy clothes make u look sick... Either that or you look like you wearing a tent. So, when everything comes to an end, just avoid the plus size shirts if they don't fit you.

Ttyl, my friends.
- L!bby (Caitlin) :)"

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