Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking a Break!

Hey Guys,
This week and next, lots of us here at I Am the Next Generation are going to be gone.
Personally I am going to be doing youth week and finishing up VBS, plus two weeks from now I will be at Centrifuge.
Caitlin will be at camp until a while from now.
Alyssa is going to be at a canal and others will be busy with regular summer activities.
So we'll be back soon see you then! :)
L!bby Generation!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

NEW! TV Shows> Favorites

Okay, today is instead of Music is TV Shows. I happen to watch a lot of TV Shows so I got nominated. I decided (a week before) that I should write about shows I think are good. So then I just decided to blog about my favorites. Okay I will do these in order:
  1. Psych- This is my absolute favorite show. It's about a guy who pretends to be a psychic. Everyone knows he's faking it because he just hyper-observant. He also has a friend who is the only other person who knows, because he happens to help out the local police force with some of there problems.
  2. Leverage- Is a really funny show. I happen to love it. It's just that I've already watch season 1 & 2 so I need to wait for the next. It's about a guy who has a team of theives, and they go around helping people.
  3. Eureka- Now this isn't really for anyone super smart, because it's about a guy who ends up being the sheriff of a brainiac town. They say stuff that sounds smart but when you really think about it doesn't make sense. It's funny because everything is different in Eureka (the town).
  4. The Pretender- Now sometimes this show is really creepy. It's about a certain organization that takes kids and does tests on them. Well, it just so happens on of the kids (named Jarod) is really smart and escapes (at a much older age). He goes around and helps people, while on the run from the Centre (the "certain organization;" yes, I spelled it right).

Okay, now those are my favorites. Some of them have there share of "fast-forwarding" moments, and the funniest part is all of these shows I wasn't originally supposed to watch. My parents watched them, then once I got older they let me. Now there my favorites! I happen to like them all, some of them also have some of there creepy moments. I will name them:

Psych- On season 3 there is an episode that is very close to Friday the 13th. Creepy-ish the first time, but after a while not so much.

Leverage- It's just mainly suspense and stuff. There might be some creepy moments but it's been a while for me.

Eureka- There is one time where one of the characters gets kidnapped by a man mutating into a lizard. Really creepy! I couldn't sleep for days.

Pretender- The Centre has very scary things going on in there and a couple times freaky things happen!

Anyway, that pretty much wraps it up. I hope all of you guys check out my stuff. Thanks!

~Alyssa G.- Libby G.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie- Valentines Day

This was a really bad movie, I give it 1 star. It had a lot of really not nice parts, they also pumped up being gay which was a negative to me. But I did like that they had two of the teenage charecters decide not to do it before marriage. There was a nude part, that could have been left out. There was also a part where two people looked like they sort of might of gotten together, but then the boy in the couple was gay. I felt like that was unnessecary. Also there was a girl who's job was being an adult phone enertainer, that was super disgusting. I'm 13 years old, know a lot of stuff, but there were somethings that I don't think most adults needed to know. (Unless your married, then I guess it's fine :P)
But I need to go, but I wouldn't advise watching this movie for anyone. It was really bad. So there's your movie review, hope that you enjoyed it.
Libby G.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No-no number 6 - Blue eyeshadow

Ok, so i'm going to be quick since I have to get off my laptop now.

No No number 6:

So this is a big obvious one. Blue eyeshadow. Its cheap and just plain trashy looking. I cringe when I see somebody wearing it. Especialy when it's older women trying to look younger...Don't fight your age! it's inevitable! Embrace it! <3

(sorry it's so short. I still love y'all! <333)

-L!bby G.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Okay, if you are unaware of the history of this day, you should probably go back to oh, I don't know, kidergarten! In American History this is one of the most important days, it's our nations birthday! Doesn't everyone love a good birthday? Well, our country is turning 234 years old. On this day in 1776 (234 years ago) our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independce. Does anyone know who we were becoming independent from? Yes, short kid in the back, 'England', short kid is correct. England, we were working to seperate ourselves from England. We succeded in our pursuit and eventually absolved ourselves from England. But the document that was written to tell England was signed on this day in 1776. Other more important documents were written later, but this document written by Thomas Jefferson was the foundation for our freedom. Thomas Jefferson actually had some stuff in there that was taken out, such as when it says 'All men are created equal,' in an effort to be even more estranged from England he said 'All men and women are created equal,' I know shocking! He also had some other stuff in there that was removed by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin who were the other 2 men on the document committee.

But anyways, it's late, I need to go to bed, so there you go! Your information on the fourth of July. Thanks for reading,

Libby, in place of Freedom who is in Ukraine! (Sooo, jealous! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Politics- Supreme Court

Class in session! Today, we will be studying the Supreme Court and it's job in America. It's pretty important to the running of our country. In fact, it's super important, the Supreme Court makes all the big decisions in court cases. (Well, duh!) But anyway, right now, we have 2 women on our current supreme court justice list, plus, 7 other men. But that's about to change. President Obama would like to bring in Elena Kagan in to replace John Paul Stevens, who was resigned. (Although, it's supposed to be a life term.) Elena Kagan is very left wing, she supports lots of left wing things. For example, she supports gay marriage, abortion, and etc. But that's not what worries me so much as that Ms. Kagan has no prior experience with being a judge. She has an excellent education, having attended Princeton, Harvard, and Worcester college. She also has experience in law obviously, seeing as she was the Dean at Harvard, and she has experience with the Supreme Court since she is currently solicitor general. (Expl. she decides what legal position the court will take in legal proceeding's, represents the US government, and acts as the lawyer for the US government.)
Ms. Kagan's first case, if she is chosen, could potentially be the Arizona vs. Obama case. (If you aren't familiar with that case, you need to A. wake up, and B. read the week before lasts post!) I'm slightly worried that Ms. Kagan in an effort to show Obama she is capable of the job he set before her, would not look closely enough at the case and simply rule that Obama is right on the pretense of the fact that Obama is her employer. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be neutral, Ms. Kagan hasn't proven that fact as of yet. I feel that it would be a slight to our country to choose someone who has worked before under two different democrat presidents (Ms. Kagan worked under Clinton.) And also, a woman we have no idea how she would react to a difficult case seeing as she has never been a judge before. Does this sound very critical? Becuase I'm trying hard not to be. I just feel that our country deserves someone who we can do a background check on, see how they ruled in cases before, with Ms. Kagan that is virtually impossible, since she's never been a judge before.

I would appreciate deeply if you who read this would take a second to vote on the poll on the side of this post! Thanks,
Liberty Generation

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Books> Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys


As you all know I'm really into Nancy Drew. Well, not to long ago I started looking for new ND's and just recently I found a new one, Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys (Super Mystery). Sadly there is only three out so far. What it is about is Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys keep on meeting up. And every chapter they switch to a new first-person. One chapter it will be Joe, one Frank, & then Nancy (not in that order). The first one is so funny. First I will talk about the different characters:

  • Nancy Drew- She really isn't that different, pretty much normal.

  • Frank Hardy- Is the older one of the brothers. He is the most down-to-earth out of both of them. The funniest part about him is that he starts to like Nancy but he knows she has a boy-friend.

  • Joe Hardy- Is the girl crazy younger brother. He is always acting before thinking, and most of the time is getting everyone into trouble. But when the pressure comes Joe knows how to be prepared.

Okay, the three books are 1. Terror on Tour 2. Danger Overseas 3. Club Dread.