Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion- College and Converse

Hello again divine readers!

I'm back, aren't you thrilled? Sadly my dears I'm in a terrible time bind this evening, but I couldn't resist a chance to briefly share with you my passion for the fashion gift of the gods that are Converse Chuck Taylor's. Most unfortunately because I am a penniless college student I have only three pairs of Converse. However, I feel I am still qualified to share with you five delightful and personal tips for enjoying your Converse.

  1. Buy low-tops. Low-tops are more practical. Also, you have to be really weird or really edgy to rock high-tops (or "shudder" those dreadful combat boot style monstrosities) and Vicky does not recommend being either.
  2. Get a sensible color for at least one of your pairs. I adore my cool slate blue pair, but I get far more use out of my brown pair.
  3. Try double tongued pairs for extra pizazz, and I've found my double tongues hold up better than my single tongued.
  4. Don't be a cheapskate and get an off brand or even the One Star brand of Chuck's sold at Target, at least not all the time. I bought a pair of One Star that I never wear because, they make me feel like a lame cheapskate(although I absolutely ADORE One Star clothes and I love saving money don't get me wrong). However, in the case of the One Stars the quality lost is not worth the 10 or 15 bucks saved.
  5. Finally, Vicky doesn't say this often, because she is nearly always right, but with Chuck's do your own thing if that means ignoring my tips and you'll look cooler.

Alright my pets Vicky has a social life to attend to so that's all for today.

-Vicky G.

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  1. Vicky! You are so um, what's the word I'm looking for?? Funny, no, irratating, no, eccentric! That's it eccentric! I love you, but you are slightly insane! Liberty!