Friday, May 14, 2010

Make-Up Books> Thursday

Hey, sorry I didn't write yesterday. I was temporarily grounded from the computer. But we will have our tid-bits of politics. So thanks for waiting for the books. You all are so patient. :-)

Alex Rider! That's what we are talking about. I didn't have time 2 write last week either so that's a tiny problem. I did tell U all a little bit about it. So here I go into detail. Here are the books in order:

  1. StormBreaker

  2. PointBlank

  3. Skeleton Key

  4. Eagle Strike

  5. Scorpia

  6. Ark Angel

  7. Snake Head

  8. Crocodile Tears

I only have the first and eighth. But still that's pretty good. Alex Rider is about a young boy who ran into bad luck. His parents die in a mysterious plane crash (More to it in #8) and his uncle dies (#1). He ends up finding out that his uncle worked for the alleged MI6. He ends up being drafted and works for them all 8 times. But most of the time he doesn't want two. They force him, blackmail him, & trick him into working for them. It's really exciting. Some adult content in it so be weary. But wonderfully written. It's so exciting. You find out tons more about his past. It's so fun I give it 4 1/2 stars. It would have gotten all five if it didn't have the adult content but still it's pretty good.

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