Friday, May 28, 2010

Movies/Jurassic Park 1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be chased by a T-Rex, or be hunted by Raptors? Jurassic Park gives you the perfect idea what it would be like! This movie provides incredible special effects, especially for back in 1993! I was truly amazed at how everything looked so real. This movie has just enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat! All the actors were cast perfectly, and I particularly liked Sam Neill (plays Dr. Alan Grant). This film kept my full attention the whole time I was watching. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

Sorry this was so late, but I completely forgot!

Sydlet P.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books- Wingin' It ;)

Hi! Now that the cat's out of the bag I don't need to keep as much of my opinions to myself. I actually have almost zero ideas stored in my brain. That's why the title of the book post is called "Wingin' It". So at least I don't have to worry about my idea's being opinionated.

Anyway, I think I have some sort of idea of what I'm gonna' write about. The books I read! I have to write all about what L!bby (love the ! Caitlin) reads well I'm gonna' write about what I read. :)
Nancy Drew- I think I've covered most of the stuff like that. So I'll sorta' skip over it. :)
Alex Rider- I talked 2 much about that too.
School Stuff- Now this I just hate to talk about but I must. My mom decided that for next year she is gonna' try new curriculum for homeschooling. So, she said that for History she is gonna' pick out a book 4 me 2 read. Then I'm gonna' have 2 write a report on it. Fine, except I'm reading a book (4 History) called *drum roll (please)* "Strawberry Girl". My mom said I would like it. I don't like the book I just like the time it takes out of my regular school.
Anything on ma' bookshelf- Now that's a subject to talk about. I get bored so when I am I look for something "on ma' bookshelf". I have read a "Winnie the Pooh" books (I still want 2 be a child again). They are the old fairy tales. I have re-read Caddie Woodlawn, highly recommended! It's old fashioned fun.
Left Behind (Adult Series)- I think they are okay-ish. Kind of boring. I have them all except 4 a couple so I'm well versed. They just seem boring 2 me. So I think I'm gonna' try the teen ones.

Well, I think that about sums it up. Let's hope! I just am glad I had the time.

L!bby G.- Alyssa G.

P.s. My blog is on "My Blog List" and it's "Life of an Almost Average Teen". Sank You (That's supposed to be "thank you" in an accent)! *Bow*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion - I forgot the DONT'S!

I realized the other day I had only been telling you what was cool to wear...and it never even occured to me that I never told you what WASN'T in style. Seriously, there are more people in this world that don't know how to dress than there are people who do. It's a sad, sad disease. I'm just kidding! but seriously I never even touched on this subject! Anyways this is going to be a ten part thing. I call it my "10 week no-no rant" I'll cover the top ten 'do not's' of fashion. So since it's the first week I shuld probably get started!

NO-NO #1: Anywhoo there's one GIGANTIC don't in fashion, girls wearing guy clothes. You and your girlfriends may think it looks adorable, (i'm guilty of that!) but...boy's don't. Sorry. They don't want girls to look like guys, because lets face it if they wanted to think guys were hot...that'd be really, really awkward. Not only that but it makes a girl look sloppy. Most guys wear baggy clothes. Which means that you end up wearing baggy clothes, and that is just NOT attractive. So here's no-no number one. Learn it!

-L!bby G. (Caitlin ^.-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spoken From the Heart

Hi! I am going to post a little differently today, because I couldn't really find any interesting history things. I am sure there are some out there, but I didn't want to take the energy to search for hours and hours. If you have someone you really want me to post about then just put it in a comment and I will see what I can do.

So, I am going to tell you about a book I am reading. (sorry, don't want to steal book day's thunder.) It is called, Spoken From the Heart, by former first lady, Laura Bush. I have always admired first ladies and Laura Bush in particular. I have thought that she is classy, intelligent, poised, and elegant. None of the kind thoughts I have had about her before reading her book have been diminished in any way by reading it. I am about 3/4 of the way through the over 400 page book and am loving it. I was only 6 when George W. Bush was elected president, but I vaguely remember that day. I have had a wonderful and sometimes sad time going through the part of the book where she talks about the presidency. I remember 9/11 which she vividly and terrifyingly describes. I remember the Anthrax scare, and Mrs. Bush relates how none of the mail sent to the White House was allowed to be open, so it stayed in storage for about three years. I remember President Bush going to the troops overseas and having Thanksgiving with them. I thought that that was just one of the nicest things to do for our brave men and women serving as soldiers.

Mrs. Bush starts the book at the beginning of her life and some of my favorite parts of the book have been her just telling you about the normal things she did. I think that is why I like this book so much, because Mrs. Bush is so normal! She didn't have an extravagant or horrible childhood, she tells you about the good (having a tender heart for the women in Afghanistan) and the bad. (she drank shot glasses of beer occasionally until she was seven when she signed a temperance card at her church. She said that the temperance thing didn't last all the way into college and such.) I love her openness about all parts of her life. Mrs. Bush talks about high school dances and football games, but she also tells you about all the diplomats that visited during President Bush's presidency and how they took some of them to their Crawford, Texas ranch to visit.

All through the book Mrs. Bush talks about her love for education particularly reading. She was a school teacher in inner city schools after finishing college and she has a passion for children's literacy. She has co-authored a children's book with her daughter Jenna. She started the first Texas Book Festival as the first lady of Texas when her husband was governor and she started the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. I love this part of her because I also love reading.

I would recommend this book to people who are interested in history, first ladies, Texas (which she was born and raised in and loves very much.) or Mrs. Bush. The book is maybe a little long for some middle schoolers and maybe some parts would be a little hard for them to grasp. I have cried during some parts, but they are mostly patriotic tears for our troops and such. I borrowed my copy from the library, because I wanted to see if I liked it. But if you are interested in any of the above topics I would recommend that you buy it. (I would!) The book is inspiring and historical and you might learn a few new words!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Different Friday Than Politics

Okay! DON'T MISS THIS BLOG! This blog is about to transform your thinking about Liberty Generation and her family. Now some of the things I say may get confusing, but you'll catch on!
A. There's not a real person named Liberty Generation
B. Libby is blogged by 8 different girls spread throughout the USA.
C. Here is the 8 different Girls
Monday-Internet- McKenzie W. Colorado
Tuesday-Fashion- Caitlin R. Washington
Wednesday-Movies- Sydney and Tiger P. Washington
Thursday-Books- Alyssa G. Washington
Friday-Politics- Kelly R. Washington
Saturday-Music- Angelina Z. Washington
Sunday-History-Lisa Dawn R. Washington

Alright now you are caught up. Well almost. You may be asking yourself but wait who are Victory, Pedro, and Liberty? Well, here's your answer, Victory is my (Kelly R.)'s older sister 18 year old Katy. (Not Tuesday's Caitlin!) Freedom is also my sister not Libby's, Lisa Dawn who is 15.
And Pedro is Tiger P. brother of Sydney.
I Kelly R. am the blog admin, I thought up Liberty Generation and her family. My friends all agreed to help me pull it off. Don't be worried we will continue to blog par usual. We all enjoy this blog. Tell your friends, and if you'd like more info about I am The Next Generation let us know by e-mailing Libby G. at We'll be more than happy to inform you and let you know how to get involved! (Older Riddle girls, please!! take note of this!) Also if a blog is from all of us like this we may continue to sign Libby G. But just to get you into the habit of not seeing it, I'm signing my beautiful name!
Thanks for reading!
Kelly R.
P.S. for those of you who are already writers you can if you want to, sign your own name or continue to sign Libby.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pedro Movie Review: Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

I decided to review this movie for three reasons.

  1. I just watched it last week.

  2. I've mostly reviewed action films up to this point.

  3. “Libby G” (the blogger in chief) loathes this movie and the leading actress with a passion and zeal rarely expressed by most mentally sound hominids.

So let's start with the story. This movie is a period piece set in 1930's Cincinnati during the great depression. It focusses on a little girl who wants to be a journalist as soon as she can get any editor to read what she has written. This film, in the opinion of this 16 year old heterosexual male, was extremely charming, well acted and generally well done. Especially for being a G rated flick with a target audience consisting of mainly nine-year-old girls and their mothers. Kit was really quite well played by Abigail Breslin once you get past the blond wig that always sticks out more than a bit. The news paper editor was perfectly played by Wallace Shawn. I even enjoyed Joan Cusack in this movie as the “mobile librarian” (don't ask) when I'm normally annoyed by her.

All in all I really think that this is probably one of the best kid centered, non PIXAR, G rated movies that I can think of.

This is Pedro,

Signing off

Fashion- College and Converse

Hello again divine readers!

I'm back, aren't you thrilled? Sadly my dears I'm in a terrible time bind this evening, but I couldn't resist a chance to briefly share with you my passion for the fashion gift of the gods that are Converse Chuck Taylor's. Most unfortunately because I am a penniless college student I have only three pairs of Converse. However, I feel I am still qualified to share with you five delightful and personal tips for enjoying your Converse.

  1. Buy low-tops. Low-tops are more practical. Also, you have to be really weird or really edgy to rock high-tops (or "shudder" those dreadful combat boot style monstrosities) and Vicky does not recommend being either.
  2. Get a sensible color for at least one of your pairs. I adore my cool slate blue pair, but I get far more use out of my brown pair.
  3. Try double tongued pairs for extra pizazz, and I've found my double tongues hold up better than my single tongued.
  4. Don't be a cheapskate and get an off brand or even the One Star brand of Chuck's sold at Target, at least not all the time. I bought a pair of One Star that I never wear because, they make me feel like a lame cheapskate(although I absolutely ADORE One Star clothes and I love saving money don't get me wrong). However, in the case of the One Stars the quality lost is not worth the 10 or 15 bucks saved.
  5. Finally, Vicky doesn't say this often, because she is nearly always right, but with Chuck's do your own thing if that means ignoring my tips and you'll look cooler.

Alright my pets Vicky has a social life to attend to so that's all for today.

-Vicky G.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

History-Clara Barton!

Today I am going to tell you about Clara Barton. You will notice that the important date is actually on May 21, which is Friday of this week. I just wanted to tell you that so you wouldn't get confused. :)

Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day 1821, in Oxford, Mass. She was the youngest of five children, and her first patient was her brother David, when he fell from the rafters in their unfinished barn. This happened when Clara was 11, and she cared for her brother David for 3 years, in this time she learned to administer all his medicine, including the"great, loathsome crawling leeches"! (Her words) Clara became a schoolteacher in Mass, at the age of 17. Six years later she founded her own school and four years after that she decided to pursue a different path. Her new path was going to the Liberal Institute in Clinton, New York to study writing and languages.

After college, Clara went on to open a free school in New Jersey. The school under her leadership grew to a attendance over 600, but annoyingly instead of hiring Barton to be the head of the school they hired a man. Frustrated, she moves to Washington D.C. and begins working with the U.S. Patent Office as a clerk. This was the first time a woman had a substantial clerkship in the U.S Government.

Then the Civil War broke out, and Clara started advertising for supplies, and distributing bandages, socks, and other goods to the help the soldiers. In 1862, Clara was authorized to start delivering supplies directly to the front, which she did without fail for the next two years. In 1864 she was appointed by Union General Benjamin Butler as the "lady in charge" of the Union hospitals at the front. In 1865, President Abraham Lincoln placed Clara in charge of searching for missing men from the Union Army. A young soldier named Dorence Atwater comes to her door and provides a copied list of the dead he had snuck from the Andersonville officials. He had taken it with him thought the lines when he was released from prison. His list of nearly 13,000 men proved invaluable and was published.

She by now (the end of the Civil War) had become widely recognized around the country for delivering lectures on her war experiences. She also became acquainted with Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony. By 1869 Clara had worked herself into a breakdown and her doctor said she should go to Europe. During this time Clara learned about the Red Cross.

This is what she is famous for! Her inauguration of the International Committee of the Red Cross by the United Stated Government. On MAY 21, 1881 in Dansville, N.Y. Clara became president of the American branch of the Red Cross! People thought that after the Civil War America wouldn't face something like that again, so there would be no need for the Red Cross. But, Clara succeeded in convincing the president that there was still a need. This became apparent in the Spanish-American War during which it aided refugees and prisoners of war. In 1896, responding to the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the Hamidian Massacres, Barton sailed to Istanbul and after long negotiations with Abdul Hamid II, opened the first American International Red Cross headquarters in the heart of Beijing,China. Clara's last humanitarian effort as the president of the Red Cross was to help the victims of the September 1900 Galveston hurricane. They established an orphanage for the children of the 6,000 dead, helped to acquire lumber for rebuilding houses, and teamed with the New York World newspaper to illicit aid. Clara resigned from being the president of the Red Cross in 1904, due to her age (83) and criticism of her management skills. On April 12, 1912 at the age of 90 she died in Glen Echo, Maryland with all her friends by her side.

The Red Cross continues to serve people today, you will see them helping in situations like Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake. Anywhere there is a natural disaster in the world the Red Cross will be there often especially the American Red Cross.

Wasn't that interesting? Not only did we learn about Clara Barton but we learned about her work in founding the American branch of the Red Cross, which is a very vital humanitarian organization. I hope you enjoyed this installment of History Sunday! Also, I forget to tell you that Libby finally told me I could tell you who I really am. I was blogging as Libby, because she said I knew more about history then her, so I volunteered to help her out. I love history so I was happy to. I am Freedom, Libby's 15 year old sister, and I am in 10th grade. I really like bringing you fascinating history facts each week. I hope you like me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Make-Up Books> Thursday

Hey, sorry I didn't write yesterday. I was temporarily grounded from the computer. But we will have our tid-bits of politics. So thanks for waiting for the books. You all are so patient. :-)

Alex Rider! That's what we are talking about. I didn't have time 2 write last week either so that's a tiny problem. I did tell U all a little bit about it. So here I go into detail. Here are the books in order:

  1. StormBreaker

  2. PointBlank

  3. Skeleton Key

  4. Eagle Strike

  5. Scorpia

  6. Ark Angel

  7. Snake Head

  8. Crocodile Tears

I only have the first and eighth. But still that's pretty good. Alex Rider is about a young boy who ran into bad luck. His parents die in a mysterious plane crash (More to it in #8) and his uncle dies (#1). He ends up finding out that his uncle worked for the alleged MI6. He ends up being drafted and works for them all 8 times. But most of the time he doesn't want two. They force him, blackmail him, & trick him into working for them. It's really exciting. Some adult content in it so be weary. But wonderfully written. It's so exciting. You find out tons more about his past. It's so fun I give it 4 1/2 stars. It would have gotten all five if it didn't have the adult content but still it's pretty good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Movies: Pedro's IRON MAN 2 Review

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved the first IRON MAN so I was obviously really looking forward to IRON MAN 2. I went to see it opening weekend and really enjoyed it. All of the great acting, well done action and witty dialog that I loved from the first movie were there this movie. My biggest gripe about IRON MAN 2 is that the story was cluttered and fractured. If they could have cleaned that up a bit it would have been even better. Also, the final action scene lacked the tension that it needed.

All around, I thought that IRON MAN 2 was a fitting sequel to the first one and that it was well worth seeing.

Affectionately yours,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello Darlings,

This is Vicky G, Libby's 18 year old sister. I'm assisting my hopelessly trend deficient sister with her quaint little blog. She begged me to write a post about the wonderful world of the Internet. I agreed after much begging and cajoling, because unlike Libby, I actually have a thriving social life. However, I carved a few minutes out of my day to enlighten Libby, and you the reader on the delightful trend of online radio.

So, on to the topic of online radio. I am sure that all of us like to indulge in our favorite music whilst on the computer to liven up other mundane tasks like school work, research, correspondence, or in my case writing a blog post for my little sister ( in jest I assure you). Listening to your own music on the computer utilizing programs like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player is great until you've listened to your pathetic Mp3 collection ad nauseum, at this point may I recommend the wonderful world of online radio.

In the realm of online radio there are a myriad of choices. I haven't the time to describe the online music player of every radio station from 90.1 All Polka, All the Time to 107.9 Great Granny Hits of the 20's, 30's and a 100 yrs ago, so I am going to focus in on two general interest online only radio players.

The first player is Pandora found at The second player is Slacker Radio found at Both stations have basic similarities. Both stations allow you to search for an artist, song, or album and create a station based on songs similar to what you have selected. Both players also have stations that are pre-built, that is you select a genre like, Music of Musicals or Hits for Toddlers (Libby's Favorite).

Here's the breakdown of the pros and cons of both players.


  1. The Music Genome Project, an interesting program that Pandora uses to figure out why you like the music that you do, and pick other similar music for based on things like, vocals and instruments.
  2. No audio ads only banner type ads, so non stop music
  3. Pandora seems to have a larger selection of artists, songs, and albums to choose from.


  1. I've found that on Pandora if you "dislike" a song Pandora will ignore you and play it again anyway.
  2. Pandora doesn't give you the option to dislike all songs by a certain artist, say Justin Bieber (sorry Biebettes).
  3. Pandora's pre-built stations are hard to adjust to music you like.


  1. Excellent pre-built stations
  2. Wonderful adjusting tools, like more or less hits or newer or older music.
  3. The option to dislike all music by a certain artist.


  1. Audio ads every few songs
  2. Fewer artists than Pandora
  3. Constant pestering to upgrade to Slacker's ad free subscription(monthly fee) radio.

There you go, that's my review of two excellent free online radio players. Happy listening darlings!

-Vicky G.

Fashion - Dresses.

I've been doing jewelry lately, so im switching back to clotheing again!...for a little while at least. Well I've talked about shirts, pants, jewelry, and makeup, but I totally left out dresses!! And that is just tragic...It may still be Spring, but Summer dresses are in. I guess they can be called Spring dresses too, but I prefer Summer. ^.^ Now in the dress department colors are in of course. I think I've rammed that into your head enough times, but flowers are also in. Flower prints, not cheesy ones, cute ones. The cinched waist is here! It gives your the 'curvacious' look LOL. Even if you don't have any! So, thats whats here this week, and many weeks to come!

Until next Tuesday my friends,

L!bby G.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summary of Missed Days

I'm so sorry, I was terribly busy last week. I only had time to post on Monday and Tuesday. (Thanks bro for doing Wednesday:) Anyway, I am going to recap things I missed.

Thursday~Books~ Alex Rider today, I just started the first one, Stormbreaker, it has been good so far. But I hope to get the others soon!
Friday~Politics~New Supreme Court Justice, has some up in arms, I think I'll do more research, before I delve into that one.
Saturday~Music~Miley Cyrus put out a new music video. And on a couple of music blogs I read, they are going on about Cd's you liked, but shouldn't. I am not really so sure about those yet? Maybe this week?

Alrighty then, thanks much!
P.S. I was writing this and forgot about Internet! Yikes! I will make sure and get that one out there asap!
L!bby G.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day History

Hi! Due to time constraints for my computer use, today I justed posted some links for you to explore. They are about the creators of Mother's Day, Julia Ward Howe (the same one who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic) and Anna Jarvis. I hope you made this day special for your mom and told her how much you love her! Here are the links:

P.S. I checked out most of the just regarding the specific ladies on the pages. Therefore, I am not sure of the content on the rest of the website. Please proceed with caution! : ) Also, I do not share all the liberal/feminist opinions of the women on these sites.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movies: Pedro's Raiders of the Lost Ark Review

Last week I watched the original Indiana Jones film for the first time in a while and unlike most movies that I have been watching since I was 8, this just gets better every time I see it. It's well scripted, well acted, well edited, well shot, extremely well directed, masterfully scored by John Williams and except for the corny sequence at the end, the effects hold up pretty well considering that it was made in 1981. This movie is one of those relativity early Spielberg classics that set the stereo types and impacted American culture forever.

If you happen to be one of the 27 people in this country who haven't seen this movie, I would highly recommend that you watch do that the clock strikes midnight tonight.

This is Pedro filling in for my sister, signing off.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion - Yes, I did bracelets. o_o

Ok, so I'm pretty much in love with bracelets, and yes, I did talk about jewelry last week. But going a little more in depth never hurt anybody...did it? So I'm talking about bracelets on this wonderfully new week. Anyways theres 5 big trends out there with bracelets.

Trend 1: The safari look is in this Spring/Summer. Like tribal jewelry with a lot of earthy colored beads made out of wood or coconut.

Trend 2: We can't avoid the fact that the recession is out there. Prices of gold are going throught the roof. But! there is hope! Brass and copper are still out there making your arms look fabulous! Who needs stinky gold? We still have our earthy colored metals. :)

Trend 3: Cuff bracelets are not exactly a new thing out there. Their old news, but their still totally in style. Wooden cuff bracelets with silver studs are totally IN. :D

Trend 4: Summer is about color! So bracelets made with elastic wire and big colorful glass beads of purple, pink, blue, and yellow are in. The more the merrier, by the way!

Trend 5: BANGLES! OH MY GOODNESS! Who does't love these?? Their adorable. Not to mention fun, colorful, and shiney!!! Originally from India...adopted in America. Yay!

So here's your wondertasticful new trend's. Live them, love them, and even laugh at them if you must.

Until next time my dears,

L!bby G.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nellie Bly

History Sunday again! I first remember hearing about Nellie Bly in a history class I took. I was interested in her story, but I didn't really look further into her. I should have! She had a fascinating life. This week we are going to do something a little different and do her life as a timeline. Tell me how you like it!

MAY 5 1864- Born as Elizabeth Jane Cochran in Cochran's Mills, Pennsylvania. She was nicknamed Pink for wearing that color a lot as a child.

1870- Her father, a wealthy former associate justice, dies.

1879- Pink Cochrane (notice the "e" added to her last name, she added this for sophistication.) enrolls at Indiana State Normal School, Indiana, Pennsylvania. This is a boarding school and she only stays there for one term do to lack of funds.

1880- Elizabeth and her family moved to Pittsburgh.

1885- Elizabeth writes a fiery rebuttal in response to a sexist column written in the Pittsburgh Dispatcher. She writes this to the editor under the name "Lonely Orphan Girl." The editor is so impressed with her spunk and earnestness he hired her. She starts a job at the Pittsburgh Dispatcher, her editor choose the pen name, Nellie Bly, adopted from the title character in the popular song, "Nelly Bly" by Stephen Foster.

1887- Bly moves to New York and after 4 months is penniless. She talks her way into the offices of Joseph Pulitzer's newspaper, New York World. She then takes an undercover assignment for which she agreed to pretend to be insane to investigate reports of abuse and neglect at the Woman's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island. She went home and practiced crazed expressions in the mirror, before checking herself into a working class boardinghouse. There she refused to go to bed, telling the boarders she is afraid of them and that they look crazy. Then the boarders decided that she was the crazy one, and they called the police. Taken to a courtroom, she pretends to have amnesia. The judge thought that she had been drugged. She was then examined by several doctors, who all declared her to be insane. "Positively demented," said one, "I consider it a hopeless case. She needs to be put where someone will take care of her." he head of the insane pavilion at Bellevue Hospital pronounced her "undoubtedly insane". The case of the "pretty crazy girl" attracted media attention: "Who Is This Insane Girl?" asked the New York Sun. The New York Times wrote of the "mysterious waif" with the "wild, hunted look in her eyes", and her desperate cry: "I can't remember I can't remember." Click her to read about her, "Ten Days in a Mad-House":

November 14, 1889 to January 25, 1890- Bly suggests to her editor that she try to make Jules Vernes, Around the World in Eighty Days, a reality. It will be a year before she boards a ship, to make the 24,899 mile journey. She makes it in seventy-two days, six hours, eleven minutes and fourteen seconds.

1894- Bly reports on the violent Pullman labor strike for New York World.

1895- Nellie marries millionaire manufacturer Robert Seamen, although he was 40 years her senior! She retires from journalism and becomes president of the Iron Clad Manufacturing Co.

1904- Her husband Robert Seamen died, and she invented and patented the steel barrel that was the model for the 55-gallon oil drum still in widespread use in United States.

1913- She goes back into reporting, and covers things such as the Women's Suffrage Convention of 1913.

1914- Nellie covers World War I from the trenches in the Eastern European front. She was America's first female war correspondent.

1919- She returns to the U.S. and becomes an advocate for poor children, adoptive parents and other various social causes.

January 27, 1922- Nellie Bly dies of bronchopneumonia at St. Mark's Hospital in New York City. She was 57. She is remembered for her "muckraking" skills and her sympathy for human suffering.

I really enjoyed researching Nellie. What a interesting woman! Thanks to Wikipedia and Nellie Bly Online for their great resources on this amazing lady.