Thursday, April 15, 2010

Books, On Old & New

The reason that I decided to talk about old books and new books is because I think it is high time to talk about old books compared to new ones. Okay so here it goes:

New books. This blog is called "I Am The Next Generation" so if anyone read that they would think of new stuff. But I don't mind the new stuff it's really neat the new stuff. They have all the newest gadgets and stuff. Like you don't see lighsabers in Romeo & Juliet. But it's so much more exciting to actually understand most of the stuff you're talking about. You can relate to most of the stuff they talk about. Because if there talking about electronics you are going to understand about iPods, iPhones, & other neat electronics. But when they talk about writing stuff on their slates your first thought is "what in the world is a slate?!" It's a regular thing because most of the time they talk about stuff in the old books is hard to understand because (most of us) we weren't born then. So that's why the newer books have both pros and cons.

Old books. Old books bring back the stuff you remember when your little. It also brings back the history of the years long gone. If you want to do some homework for your history classes you could try looking on "the impossible Internet" or go to your local library and check out a book. It isn't even that hard. You can even order stuff of the library on the Internet. But the new stuff. If everyone talked about the future and stuff we wouldn't be able to understand anything because everyone would be planning ahead that no one would teach you. It is also even good for just plane old entertainment. If you like old there is plenty of books to read about that have excitement, romance, adventure, & etc. It is so much fun (sometimes) to learn about the past and learn about the old frontier, the Renaissance, & and all the wonderful times of the year. It is sometimes the only way to go. That is why older books also have pros and cons.

Whew! That took a little more time than I expected, but it's true almost everything has pros and cons. And they also have fun stuff about them and not-so-fun stuff about them. We just need to sort the not-so-fun stuff out because if we don't we'll just throw away everything, including the fun stuff. WOW!! I'm starting to sound like a fortune cookie, I better go before it gets really bad.

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