Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Okay, if you are unaware of the history of this day, you should probably go back to oh, I don't know, kidergarten! In American History this is one of the most important days, it's our nations birthday! Doesn't everyone love a good birthday? Well, our country is turning 234 years old. On this day in 1776 (234 years ago) our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independce. Does anyone know who we were becoming independent from? Yes, short kid in the back, 'England', short kid is correct. England, we were working to seperate ourselves from England. We succeded in our pursuit and eventually absolved ourselves from England. But the document that was written to tell England was signed on this day in 1776. Other more important documents were written later, but this document written by Thomas Jefferson was the foundation for our freedom. Thomas Jefferson actually had some stuff in there that was taken out, such as when it says 'All men are created equal,' in an effort to be even more estranged from England he said 'All men and women are created equal,' I know shocking! He also had some other stuff in there that was removed by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin who were the other 2 men on the document committee.

But anyways, it's late, I need to go to bed, so there you go! Your information on the fourth of July. Thanks for reading,

Libby, in place of Freedom who is in Ukraine! (Sooo, jealous! :)

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