Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion - Yes, I did bracelets. o_o

Ok, so I'm pretty much in love with bracelets, and yes, I did talk about jewelry last week. But going a little more in depth never hurt anybody...did it? So I'm talking about bracelets on this wonderfully new week. Anyways theres 5 big trends out there with bracelets.

Trend 1: The safari look is in this Spring/Summer. Like tribal jewelry with a lot of earthy colored beads made out of wood or coconut.

Trend 2: We can't avoid the fact that the recession is out there. Prices of gold are going throught the roof. But! there is hope! Brass and copper are still out there making your arms look fabulous! Who needs stinky gold? We still have our earthy colored metals. :)

Trend 3: Cuff bracelets are not exactly a new thing out there. Their old news, but their still totally in style. Wooden cuff bracelets with silver studs are totally IN. :D

Trend 4: Summer is about color! So bracelets made with elastic wire and big colorful glass beads of purple, pink, blue, and yellow are in. The more the merrier, by the way!

Trend 5: BANGLES! OH MY GOODNESS! Who does't love these?? Their adorable. Not to mention fun, colorful, and shiney!!! Originally from India...adopted in America. Yay!

So here's your wondertasticful new trend's. Live them, love them, and even laugh at them if you must.

Until next time my dears,

L!bby G.

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