Friday, July 2, 2010

Politics- Supreme Court

Class in session! Today, we will be studying the Supreme Court and it's job in America. It's pretty important to the running of our country. In fact, it's super important, the Supreme Court makes all the big decisions in court cases. (Well, duh!) But anyway, right now, we have 2 women on our current supreme court justice list, plus, 7 other men. But that's about to change. President Obama would like to bring in Elena Kagan in to replace John Paul Stevens, who was resigned. (Although, it's supposed to be a life term.) Elena Kagan is very left wing, she supports lots of left wing things. For example, she supports gay marriage, abortion, and etc. But that's not what worries me so much as that Ms. Kagan has no prior experience with being a judge. She has an excellent education, having attended Princeton, Harvard, and Worcester college. She also has experience in law obviously, seeing as she was the Dean at Harvard, and she has experience with the Supreme Court since she is currently solicitor general. (Expl. she decides what legal position the court will take in legal proceeding's, represents the US government, and acts as the lawyer for the US government.)
Ms. Kagan's first case, if she is chosen, could potentially be the Arizona vs. Obama case. (If you aren't familiar with that case, you need to A. wake up, and B. read the week before lasts post!) I'm slightly worried that Ms. Kagan in an effort to show Obama she is capable of the job he set before her, would not look closely enough at the case and simply rule that Obama is right on the pretense of the fact that Obama is her employer. Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be neutral, Ms. Kagan hasn't proven that fact as of yet. I feel that it would be a slight to our country to choose someone who has worked before under two different democrat presidents (Ms. Kagan worked under Clinton.) And also, a woman we have no idea how she would react to a difficult case seeing as she has never been a judge before. Does this sound very critical? Becuase I'm trying hard not to be. I just feel that our country deserves someone who we can do a background check on, see how they ruled in cases before, with Ms. Kagan that is virtually impossible, since she's never been a judge before.

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