Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fashion - Dresses.

I've been doing jewelry lately, so im switching back to clotheing again!...for a little while at least. Well I've talked about shirts, pants, jewelry, and makeup, but I totally left out dresses!! And that is just tragic...It may still be Spring, but Summer dresses are in. I guess they can be called Spring dresses too, but I prefer Summer. ^.^ Now in the dress department colors are in of course. I think I've rammed that into your head enough times, but flowers are also in. Flower prints, not cheesy ones, cute ones. The cinched waist is here! It gives your the 'curvacious' look LOL. Even if you don't have any! So, thats whats here this week, and many weeks to come!

Until next Tuesday my friends,

L!bby G.

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