Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No-No number 7 : Jeggings

Hey so I (Caitlin) don't exactly know if we're back yet from our temporary break but I figured...Hey! I can get back on schedule since my summer has finally cooled down to the complete boredom stage. ^.- any ways here's Not-uh #7

No-No number 7 : Jeggings,

So Jeggings, their about as lame as you can get. If u want a pair of jeans dont be lazy and buy a pair of leggings with jean print on them... buy a freaken pair of jeans. Now if your doing this for comfort I can sort of understand :/ but if u have the money I know an amazing brand of jeans (only a hundred dollars >.<) that feel like your wearing a cloud around your booty! Let me just say I'm saving up money to buy a pair of the jeans that feel like sweats! Ahhh! Amazing! And yes, I've tried on a pair, let me just say their delicious! And the white stitching is sooo cute!!

Until later my loves <3

-L!bby (Caitylinn)

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  1. Hello,
    Your sister met me on the YMI trip--I'm Rachel. I really like your blog! It's really cute and yeah, who likes jeggings?
    Keep up the good work!

    God bless,
    If you want you can check out my page too: http://rachelday.jimdo.com