Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie- Valentines Day

This was a really bad movie, I give it 1 star. It had a lot of really not nice parts, they also pumped up being gay which was a negative to me. But I did like that they had two of the teenage charecters decide not to do it before marriage. There was a nude part, that could have been left out. There was also a part where two people looked like they sort of might of gotten together, but then the boy in the couple was gay. I felt like that was unnessecary. Also there was a girl who's job was being an adult phone enertainer, that was super disgusting. I'm 13 years old, know a lot of stuff, but there were somethings that I don't think most adults needed to know. (Unless your married, then I guess it's fine :P)
But I need to go, but I wouldn't advise watching this movie for anyone. It was really bad. So there's your movie review, hope that you enjoyed it.
Libby G.

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