Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Movie Night

So today instead of a post about movies I would like to put out a challenge. Try to watch one movie with a friend or family member, at least once a week. It may seem like a silly way to have quality time, but it actually is great. I have complied a list of my top ten favorite family movies. Here they are

  1. Madagascar, the first one. I love this movie it's great for little kids and hilarious for adults.
  2. Shrek 1 or 2, I am not particularly fond of 3 or 4, but 1 and 2 are amazing!
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, one of the greatest movies ever! It's very funny and very cute! And completely wholesome.
  4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original one. My Dad's all time favorite, and one of mine too.
  5. Meet the Robinsons, I love this movie, it's cute and very sweet. It gets a little dark at one part, but the first time I watched it was with my (At the time) three year old niece. I think it's probably my 3rd favorite kid movie.
  6. National Treasure 1 or 2, for viewing with older kids or your best friends. My best friends and I love this movie, we quote it perpetually.
  7. Home Alone 1,2, or 3, I am not a huge fan of 4 but it's not bad. These are great to watch when sick around the holidays!
  8. Cars, I know it's kind of a silly favorite, but man oh man do I like it. It's great!
  9. Robots! This one's kind of old, but it still cracks me up. My dad likes the part where they're in the evil ladies lair.
  10. And Last but not least Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, for the musical lovers this is the best! Only good for older audiences to kids its sooooo boring. But relax and watch as the handsome brothers dance for the beautiful brides, its funny and totally musical.
And that's it, leave me feedback about your favorite and maybe it will become a post!

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