Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday- Fall Fashions

Okay, So we're officially into fall. I would like to introduce you to three good fall trends, and three fall 'don't even think about it' trends.

So well start with the good,

1. Chunky curls for hair, yes ladies skip the straightener, go straight to the curler. Big huge ringlets are back in season. They're beautiful and fun, easily done for the on the go person, to the fashionista.

2. Pearls, tall boots, and plaid. These three fashions will get you into the frenzy of fall like that! I adore pearls, big ones, small ones, white ones, gray ones, any type of pearl is currently being accepted. Tall boots, heeled ones preferably, this chic looks dresses up any outfit, but worn right can make it look smooth and relaxed too. Plaid, so the best way to feel the breeze and chill of fall is to put on a button up plaid shirt, adorable! This lumberjack trend is back and I LOVE it!

3. Scarves! These beautiful add-ons have been a go for a while, but they've really hit home lately coming into these cooler months. Shy away from springy/summery colors, go for deep reds, purples, neutrals, and warmer plaids. Buy the right one and you're on your way to being beautiful!

Okay now on to the 3 'Don't try this at home !' looks.

1. This beautiful woman was made un-beautiful in the effort to make her look like a vampire. I am not saying the whole vampire effect can't be beautiful on some(bright red lipstick, deep smoky eyes, and pale skin), but for most of us regular girls this look makes us look like we've just come from a deep sleep, or gotten a black eye.
2. The whole Ombre hair thing. It just makes you look like you couldn't care less about your roots or that you hated the hair color your poor stylist gave you. I say stay FAR away from Ms. Drew Barrymore's style until her hair returns to a more natural look.
3. And finally our big ugly winner! The whole camel color thing! It's HIDEOUS!!!! I don't know how to get that across to the big designers, but camel is an ugly neutral, do brown, black, white, and my favorite gray. Those are all beauitful choices, but camel. Seriously people! We don't even really like the middle east right now, so why are we mimicking their animal? Just sayin'
Anyway, that's all from me, hope to see you all back next week now that we are getting back into the swing of things.
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Lovely L!bby!

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