Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nancy Drew

Okay, everyone knows Nancy Drew. Well, most of the people I know. Almost everyone knows about Nancy Drew. She is like a book legacy! She is the best female amateur detective known. I actually have not heard of any others but still. Nancy Drew actually lost her mother when she was between 3 & 7 years of age. I've actually heard both ages mentioned in the death of her mother. Her father, Carson Drew, is one of the best lawyers in River Heights, where she lives.

But someone likes to argue about that. If you read the more recent books there is a girl called Deirdre Shannon. In case you don't get the picture she is like a spoiled snob and her father also is a lawyer but , unlike Mr. Drew, will stoop to many petty things to win his case. Deirdre has caused many troubles for Nancy throughout her life in the newer books. She isn't exactly a good person to have around, not to mention her huge crush on Ned.

Ned Nickerson, is Nancy Drew's steady boy-friend. He has helped her out through numerous mysteries sometimes he catches on to some things too. He has always been there for Nancy throughout any of her mysteries. He always is there along with his friends Burt Eddelton & Dave Evans. Who actually go out with Nancy's two friends George Fayne & Bess Marvin.
They always talk about how different they (George and Bess) are, not to mention them being cousins. It just sounds strange having George (her real name is Georgia) be all tomboy-ish and loving techy stuff, and Bess (that is really her real name) is all prissy but has a secret love for cars, and is actually an amazing mechanic. She loves tinkering with cars in the newer books but in the older books her and George don't have those special interests. All in all, Nancy's life is pretty much like in a book even though when you read it you feel likes she's just looking over your shoulder.

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