Friday, May 21, 2010

Different Friday Than Politics

Okay! DON'T MISS THIS BLOG! This blog is about to transform your thinking about Liberty Generation and her family. Now some of the things I say may get confusing, but you'll catch on!
A. There's not a real person named Liberty Generation
B. Libby is blogged by 8 different girls spread throughout the USA.
C. Here is the 8 different Girls
Monday-Internet- McKenzie W. Colorado
Tuesday-Fashion- Caitlin R. Washington
Wednesday-Movies- Sydney and Tiger P. Washington
Thursday-Books- Alyssa G. Washington
Friday-Politics- Kelly R. Washington
Saturday-Music- Angelina Z. Washington
Sunday-History-Lisa Dawn R. Washington

Alright now you are caught up. Well almost. You may be asking yourself but wait who are Victory, Pedro, and Liberty? Well, here's your answer, Victory is my (Kelly R.)'s older sister 18 year old Katy. (Not Tuesday's Caitlin!) Freedom is also my sister not Libby's, Lisa Dawn who is 15.
And Pedro is Tiger P. brother of Sydney.
I Kelly R. am the blog admin, I thought up Liberty Generation and her family. My friends all agreed to help me pull it off. Don't be worried we will continue to blog par usual. We all enjoy this blog. Tell your friends, and if you'd like more info about I am The Next Generation let us know by e-mailing Libby G. at We'll be more than happy to inform you and let you know how to get involved! (Older Riddle girls, please!! take note of this!) Also if a blog is from all of us like this we may continue to sign Libby G. But just to get you into the habit of not seeing it, I'm signing my beautiful name!
Thanks for reading!
Kelly R.
P.S. for those of you who are already writers you can if you want to, sign your own name or continue to sign Libby.


  1. Oh! I was hoping I could admit that Libby Generation is 8 girls in the making. It was getting tiring keeping it a secret. I am very happy that the demonic cat's out of the bag.
    ;-) Te he!
    Alyssa G.

  2. I know I couldn't stand it, so I convinced Kelly to let me tell everyone that I am Freedom. I was so relieved! I like your comment about the demonic cat, it made me laugh!

  3. I read this right after I posted my Movie review, and now I'm going by Sydlet.