Thursday, November 11, 2010

Books> The Hunger Games

Hi, everyone! I just started this new-ish series called The Hunger Games. It's pretty good. I read the whole thing and I really liked it. But sometimes you don't want to read it because you're afraid who's gonna' die next. Besides, it's totally unpredictable. Not to mention you freak out when something bad happens. Its ten times worse when you're like me. When I read a book I'm not just reading it, I'm in it. So when something like that happens it freaky! Anyway, its only a trilogy and they are already out. I got a great deal on the box-set on Walmart's website. Yes, they are hard back. It's pretty good but no hints you can look it up to decide what you would want. Here are the three books: #1 The Hunger Games, #2 Catching Fire, #3 Mockingjay. I happen to like them a lot. They are pretty clean. BUT! Its super gory! SUPER GORY! IMAGINATION PEOPLE, BBBBEEEEWWWAAARRREEE!!! But it can still be SUPER exciting. I highly recommend it to people with a need for action/excitement in there lives. This will take care of any craving for something other than your boring life you will ever have.

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