Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No-No #5 - No shirts

Okay, I'm gonna jump straight to the subject instead of rambling like I usually do :)

No-No #5

Ok, if you ask me this is just kinda gross. Fat boys not wearing shirts...eww. It's ok if your ripped, physically fit, etc. Duh, but other wise no. If your a guy and you literally have to wear an over the shoulder boulder holder as my friend would put it, (bra) then don't do it. Also if it's the freaken middle of winter. Really?? It's 30 degrees outside and my neighbor mows his lawn with no shirt on. How is he not turning blue? I just wanna scream put on a shirt before you poke someones eyes out! (if you don't get that it's cuz he's a bit nippy...>.>)

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-L!bby G.

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