Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No-No #5 - No shirts

Okay, I'm gonna jump straight to the subject instead of rambling like I usually do :)

No-No #5

Ok, if you ask me this is just kinda gross. Fat boys not wearing shirts...eww. It's ok if your ripped, physically fit, etc. Duh, but other wise no. If your a guy and you literally have to wear an over the shoulder boulder holder as my friend would put it, (bra) then don't do it. Also if it's the freaken middle of winter. Really?? It's 30 degrees outside and my neighbor mows his lawn with no shirt on. How is he not turning blue? I just wanna scream put on a shirt before you poke someones eyes out! (if you don't get that it's cuz he's a bit nippy...>.>)

P.S. This was prechecked, I would like to say if you feel like there is something inappropriate shoot me an e-mail, do NOT leave a comment, we like to keep that sort of thing private. My e-mail is talkingboutmygen@gmail.com feel free to give an e-mail anytime. We do try and abide by the 1st amendment freedom of speech! :) But we also want to make sure our readers are happy, so if you don't like it let us know! Thanks, Blog admins.

-L!bby G.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No-No #4 PJ'S In Public

Okay, so I would like to harp about this fashion colossal blunder, breach in fashion ettiqute, I could go on!
Pajama's in public should be against the law!! Whether they are sweats or cartoon covered flannels, they are horrendous! It is unexceptable to expose all of us to this indiscretion of fashion. No one wants to see what you go to bed in I promise. There are somethings that you just don't let people know about, such as what you do on the toliet, what you do in bed, and what you wear to bed!! No stranger wants to know those things, it's creepy! I would like to give you 5 GOOD reasons why this is unacceptable, here we go.
  1. You look like a slub glub, it's almost like wearing clothes that are to large for you, it's un-flattering.
  2. It's kind of creepy, (okay a lot creepy!) You look like you rolled out of bed and came to Target to do your grocery shopping. No one wants to know that!
  3. It's shoty workmanship, I mean how much time does it take to throw on some jeans and a T-shirt, it's pretty darn easy if I do say so myself.
  4. More often than not your PJ's are not in the greatest condition, and that's okay when you're at home in your bed, but no one wants to see that at the store, but thanks! :D
  5. And last, but not certainly not least, I would like to point out the fact that they are not cute, at all. I don't care if they have Tweety Bird, or Betty Boop, they aren't cute. I would much prefer to see you in a pair of jeans or shorts, not your flannels! :) Thanks pal!

Anyway, I'll stop harping and let you go. Thanks for reading, I hope and pray you take my advice. Thanks for not wearing pajama's to those who don't:) we really appreciate it.

L!bby G.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Politics- AZ or Obamanites?

Okay, I have forgotten to blog for a few weeks, there was of course important things happening in politics, but we don't have time to go over them all. I am going to pick two from today.

1. "Murderabilia" Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the world is "murderabilia"? Let me explain this horrendous thing to you. It is where people extract things that are associated with murder victims and murderers, and they sell them. They sell off all sorts of things. Autographed photos of murderers, dirt from a victims grave, artwork done by murderers, and many other personal items, plus much more. These horrendous items are hawked every day on the black market. Now you are in good company if you had no idea this was going on; neither did I! But so far there is no laws against this. I think that's positively outrageous! These victims and their families are being exploited to gain a few bucks, I feel like that is quite terrible.
But thankfully we have two politicians who are willing to put a stop to this. (Which if you think that's a bad idea, I am liable to think you are selling some of these things!) It's true Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) are writing up a bill to put a stop to this uncannily repulsive market. I think many people will be grateful after this law is put into practice.

2. Obama administration is filing a law suit against Arizona for it's immigration law. (Some one please tell me I am dreaming!!) Yes, you heard correctly a law suit against them, because they don't want illegals in their state. I personally cheer on Arizona, go them, why should someone who broke the law to get here receive good treatment? Someone please explain quick! (Wait, there is no explanation! so never mind) I think it's silly and I hope that Arizona fights back, if they don't want illegals in their state that's their prerogative not the Obama administration's. Maybe Arizona should just ship their illegals to Cali, they seem to enjoy them. (They do tons for their economy, no?)
Anyway, someone should tell Obama to stick to other problems like, oh I know, the oils thats all over Lousiana? That might be a good start.

I hope I have enlightened you today on the important things in life. Thanks for reading I appreciate it!
Liberty Generation, or Kelly R. (Whatever!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

This was an excellent movie. I really enjoyed it. Although it was rated PG13, it was not bad. It did have some swearing, and some not so good parts, but otherwise it was good. There was the one part that was portrayed in the commercials that was not so good, but that was pretty much it. There was violence, but nothing too horrible. All the perceived black magic, was nothing bad. I would totally advise this movie. It was totally worth the 1 dollar to see from Redbox. It's not something I would advise for 13 and under because there are some scary parts. I must admit, I was super tired and so therefore fell asleep during one very long boring part. But it is a vital part to the movie.
All-in-all I would watch it another time.
Libby G.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Not really sure what to blog about tonight. There's not much we haven't covered.
OHH! I got it!!! E-mail sites, and there pro's and con's.

Gmail- What I use!! I love Gmail, best e-mail site ever!! I would strongly encourage!
Pro's- Super duper spam blocker, fun backgrounds, and great chat.
Con's- No fun stationary for your letters and no fun fonts.

Yahoo- My sister uses this, she likes it I guess
Pro's- Fun stationary and fun fonts
Con's- wretched spam blocker

Comcast- Umm, nothing good to say about this so I'll skip it.

Hotmail- This one is your basic e-mail, good spam blocker but not the best and no fun backgrounds, but they do have fun fonts.

Well, that's pretty much it. Nothing much else to say, thanks for reading!
L!bby Gener!
P.S. I did blog this yesterday, but on my other blog! (Cursed stupid computer! Can't figure out how to make angry emotiocon!)

Fashion - Nope #3

Hey people,

It's time for no-no number3!

Nope #3:

Ok, so some people think this is still "In" because there's still a buttload of comercials with drop-dead gorgeous models advertising it. Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon. They all advertise it, but its really not attractive. Ok, here's what it is...Bright red lipstick... I just read an article on this a few days ago, and up until then I loved my red lipstick, but now ?.? :/ Anyways here's the reason you shouldn't wear it. Main BIG one is it makes your teeth look yellow... Thats why in all those adverts they ONLY have models wearing it, and that's because those models have had their teeth professionally whitened. So unless you have the money to get your teeth professionally whitened every time you wanted to wear bright red lipstick go ahead! But if your a normal girl like me, that only gets a little allowance once a week, then your most likely screwed :D

L!bby G. (Caitlin <3)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pedro Movies: What About Bob?

Sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks. It's been really busy around here lately. The other night I watched a really funny flick with Bill Murray called What About Bob. In It Bill Murray plays a very persistent mental patient and Richard Dreyfuss plays his psychologist. The biggest thing that I can say about this movie is that it made me laugh. A lot. It wasn't a filmmaking masterpiece by any stretch but it was really funny and when it comes down to it, that's what a comedy needs to accomplish to be successful. All in all, really liked What About Bob and hope that you will too.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Hey everybody! It's number two no-no week! Woo! So I touched briefly on this last week, baggy clothes. This is sorta a short topic. But DEFINITLY one that needs to be talked about! So here goes.

Not-uh #2: so as I was saying, baggy clothes. One of the biggest no-no's around! It' just common sense to stay away frum that. If your curvy baggy clothes make you seem fat! Why on earth would you want to hide your curves when you could instead show them off with a slightly more slimming shirt. No one wants to look bigger than they are...and for those super skinny people baggy clothes make u look sick... Either that or you look like you wearing a tent. So, when everything comes to an end, just avoid the plus size shirts if they don't fit you.

Ttyl, my friends.
- L!bby (Caitlin) :)"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost Time!

Hi it's Kelly, Libby's blog admin in chief. I do basically everything with this blog, and my wonderful sidekick Alyssa. I was gone over the weekend, Memorial day weekend camping. I therefore left said trusty sidekick in charge. Well, we're obviously going to have to go back into training. I apologize for the funky font of Jurrasic Park, I fixed it as soon as I saw it. I then realized, everyone had fallen down on their agreements to blog. I am so sorry. I also realized I was spending more time playing on Libby's facebook page, than fixing up her blog. I would like to reconcile that. I am also asking bloggers to read the soon to be in their inbox, contract. It will be basically a quicker picker upper for the mess that has been this blog as of late. I do so hope you haven't lost faith yet. I will remedy this horribleness as soon as possible. Also I would like to encourage readers with Facebook to become Libby's friend. (Liberty Gener, they wouldn't accept her last name (Generation) as a true last name!)
But anyway, I would like to ask you to hold out for a few more weeks in our continual pursuit to be the best that we possibly can! Thank you all so much for your support of Libby and her pursuit!
Kelly Admin in Chief