Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion - Shoes! :D


So, I decided today was shoe day in the wide world of fashion! Everyone's still wearing tennis shoes ... Etnie's, DC'S, Airwalk's, so on and so forth, and don't get me wrong! Who doesn't love an adorable new pair of tennis shoes?? But, let's face it, right now nobody's really that willing to break away from those skin covering shoes just yet. Maybe because all of our feet are so pale...and maybe because we're in desperate need of a pedicure. Just saying! >.> But! It's finally time to break away from those stuffy tennies and get some cute sandals! Let your tootsies breath for the first time in 7 months! Find some open-toe high heels, flats, or colorful flip-flops, and paint your toe-nails. Then go have fun showing off your adorable new spring/summer look! :)

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