Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nancy Drew: Super Mystery's

Yes! Everyone I do know that Nancy Drew is mainly all I talk about, but besides the super mystery's I'm really not reading much else! It feels like people are trying to starve me from good books! And lately the library has been totally against me. For a while it was closed because their putting in like a Town Hall right next to it so you couldn't get to the library AT ALL. And that lasted about two weeks! I know AAAAHHHH! Then the last time we went the power was out (although I could have checked out some books, but I didn't have the strength to go any farther into that pitch black building). Okay! Back to books.

Just recently I just found a new books series much like the new books. In fact it's the same exact stuff as the new books just a little bit different cover. They're the Nancy Drew: Super Mystery's. The only problem is the first one. I didn't really like it because Nancy's 2 friends narrate for her. Evidently Bess, George, & Ned have to find her. Well, there is almost no plot! And every time they try to find her/Nancy it's a dead end. And when they do finally figure it out they're almost TOO LATE!!! I mean I figured it out at like the 5th chapter. I mean they were actin' like a bag of rocks!!! I know I might be overreacting but it really didn't satisfy my need to ND. The next one did! I really liked it, and I think it's funny because George gets her wisdom teeth out! He, he! Anyway, I really liked them. Although their are only three but I will still name them: 1. Where's Nancy? 2. Once Upon a Crime 3. Real Fake (isn't that a kinda' rhetorical name?) Anyway, I'm babbling and that means I need to stop.

ANNOUNCEMENT! All the Libby G. People! Time to get back on the Generation Train! It's school time now so summer vacation is (YES) OVER! So we'd better start and I'll try to fill in here and there but I now that our school has started I have a pretty busy schedule! But I'll still try!

Alyssa G.~L!bby G.

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