Monday, May 10, 2010

Summary of Missed Days

I'm so sorry, I was terribly busy last week. I only had time to post on Monday and Tuesday. (Thanks bro for doing Wednesday:) Anyway, I am going to recap things I missed.

Thursday~Books~ Alex Rider today, I just started the first one, Stormbreaker, it has been good so far. But I hope to get the others soon!
Friday~Politics~New Supreme Court Justice, has some up in arms, I think I'll do more research, before I delve into that one.
Saturday~Music~Miley Cyrus put out a new music video. And on a couple of music blogs I read, they are going on about Cd's you liked, but shouldn't. I am not really so sure about those yet? Maybe this week?

Alrighty then, thanks much!
P.S. I was writing this and forgot about Internet! Yikes! I will make sure and get that one out there asap!
L!bby G.

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