Friday, June 18, 2010

Politics- AZ or Obamanites?

Okay, I have forgotten to blog for a few weeks, there was of course important things happening in politics, but we don't have time to go over them all. I am going to pick two from today.

1. "Murderabilia" Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the world is "murderabilia"? Let me explain this horrendous thing to you. It is where people extract things that are associated with murder victims and murderers, and they sell them. They sell off all sorts of things. Autographed photos of murderers, dirt from a victims grave, artwork done by murderers, and many other personal items, plus much more. These horrendous items are hawked every day on the black market. Now you are in good company if you had no idea this was going on; neither did I! But so far there is no laws against this. I think that's positively outrageous! These victims and their families are being exploited to gain a few bucks, I feel like that is quite terrible.
But thankfully we have two politicians who are willing to put a stop to this. (Which if you think that's a bad idea, I am liable to think you are selling some of these things!) It's true Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) are writing up a bill to put a stop to this uncannily repulsive market. I think many people will be grateful after this law is put into practice.

2. Obama administration is filing a law suit against Arizona for it's immigration law. (Some one please tell me I am dreaming!!) Yes, you heard correctly a law suit against them, because they don't want illegals in their state. I personally cheer on Arizona, go them, why should someone who broke the law to get here receive good treatment? Someone please explain quick! (Wait, there is no explanation! so never mind) I think it's silly and I hope that Arizona fights back, if they don't want illegals in their state that's their prerogative not the Obama administration's. Maybe Arizona should just ship their illegals to Cali, they seem to enjoy them. (They do tons for their economy, no?)
Anyway, someone should tell Obama to stick to other problems like, oh I know, the oils thats all over Lousiana? That might be a good start.

I hope I have enlightened you today on the important things in life. Thanks for reading I appreciate it!
Liberty Generation, or Kelly R. (Whatever!)

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