Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ok, so today in the wonderfully fabulous gigantic world of fashion the buzz is about graphic tee's, jewelry, and boy shorts/short shorts (who like short shorts??). :D So, this fashion is a little weird to me, but I love trying new things, so whatever! Anyways what's hot lately are patchwork demin jeans (denim jean shorts made out of various colors of denim) with some funky colored tights or leggings underneath! (I'm guessing the leggings are to keep you warm considering we're still escaping winter) Don't forget your graphic tee's. who cares if their funny, or just plain cute! Their seriously in style lately, and finally time for accessories! What's cool here and...not such a new thing... are waist length necklaces, and a whole bunch of bracelets up and down your arms. Their kind of difficult and in the way sometimes (smacking against things) but if you learn to ignore them, their super cute! Anything for fashion right?...Right??

Anyways...until next time! <3
-L!bby G.

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  1. Hey Lib,
    I like your new signature. I am not quite sure how I feel about patchwork shorts yet. But the bangles I am so down!!! Can't wait to see you soon! Kelly