Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books, What Can I Say?

I'm am super excited about all of the books being published lately. I will name some of them and state my opinion. So here I go:

  • Nancy Drew: I happen to like this books they are exciting and make you want to keep reading. I really love reading these books.

  • Left-Behind Adult: Now this is really cool book. I have to admit they sometimes can be too real. The authors did a good job.

  • Alex Rider: Really exciting, it just so happens that a new one came out it's called Crocodile Tears. Really good book, not to mention creepy-ish.

  • Twilight: I don't really know much about these because my parents don't like these books, and I agree with them. So there is my opinion.

  • Others: Now I wish that I could add more and more books but I can't because I don't have that much of a opinion on things I don't read. That's just me.

Well, before I even think about leaving. I should get a point across that I LOVE READING! I think is the best thing to do before bed (or during). It is really exciting, TV still can argue but so can books. I personally do lean to reading, but that's just me. Now thanks for reading my gibberish. I really hope whoever is reading this lonely blog will stay tuned (uh oh, now I'm talking like a TV, GREAT)!

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